MY MORNING ROUTINE 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits

Your days are won in the morning and if you haven't set up a good morning routine for yourself than you are leaving a lot of progress on the table!

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20 thoughts on “MY MORNING ROUTINE 2021 | Healthy & Productive Habits

  1. BONSI says:

    so handsome, i love it whenever you take your shirt off and while wearing shorts those powerful quads are amazing!

  2. Dennis Fleps says:

    Morning Routine:
    1) Not watch your phone, drink 1-2 Cup of Water
    2) Meditate for 10 min
    3) Take a shower (hot or cold – depends on weather)
    4) Fuel your mind (Book / audio / podcast)
    5) Set your intentions
    6) Eat breakfast

  3. Marv says:

    1) Hydrate! (Drink water) and AVOID PHONE/SOCIAL MEDIA.
    2) Meditate (10 min recommended)
    3) Shower (cold exposure/temperature may vary)
    4) Fuel your mind (books/info)
    5) Journal (intentions for day/thoughts/grateful for)
    6) breakfast (nutritious)/preview day News/markets)

  4. Hannan Shahid says:

    Fraser can you do a video on how to get rid off the last layer of belly fat please 🙂

  5. Michele Zanforlin says:

    The best thing of your channel is that in addition to making workout videos you also give us numerous advice for that, and I love it.
    Thanks so much bro, thanks to you after 1 month I see my first result!!!

  6. Sobir Salimov says:

    Hey Fraser, thanks for the awesome workout videos. You gave me great motivation to start my own channel!

  7. foreign sam says:

    My morning routine
    Wake up
    Watch Your 10 minutes stretch video
    Meditate for 10 minutes
    And then school

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