Do Cheat Meals Burn Fat? | The Truth

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16 thoughts on “Do Cheat Meals Burn Fat? | The Truth

    • Greg Doucette says:

      +Udzta cool to see your slow physique progression videos man. Respect. Motivation for skinny dudes!

  1. Virgil Van Dijk says:

    Love you fraser… Love from holland…
    Can you do a 30 minute straight full body workout for soccer players.. I really need it

  2. mt. shyna says:

    I agree. I don’t restrict my food cuz I realized that I end up craving them until I binge, so what I do is I drink my green juices, cook my meals and if I get a little desire to eat something not very goal healty I’ll still have it, eventually those cravings have reduced.

    Your mind can make you almost nearly obsessed with something if it senses you’re not eating

  3. John Morgan says:

    I’ve been trying to limit myself to about two cheat days a month. Every other Saturday. Not weekly, but still enough to keep my cravings in check. Been working so far.

  4. Kevin Hanley says:

    Cutting out all junk food would give me nothing to look forward to. Intense workouts and drinking lots of water due to my fat loss machines with constant analysis is working!

  5. River Alvarez says:

    You can’t burn fat just by eating certain food, so I would say you could eat cheat meals with no problems at all. It is the amount of food that determines whether you lose or gain weight. Basically, you need to calculate how much calories you need in a day and make your diet plan accordingly. With the help of internet this is now easier than ever. There are many sites available that will do the job for you – yourdietbuddy or dietarize which allows you to pick your own foods and they also offer workout plans.

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