Why You’re NOT Losing Weight (RED FLAGS!)

If you wondered why you’re not losing weight despite the fact that it feels like you’ve tried everything, then this is the video you are not going to want to miss. I’m revealing my “5 Red Flags” that make my ears perk up any time someone that is trying to lose weight says them. These reveal the real reason why you’re not losing weight .

The red flags revolve around the common phrases that people who are stuck in weight loss plateaus say when they can’t seem to get any more results. Often times, the same person will say more than one of these. Even if you just say one, it’s ok. The intention is simply to raise awareness to the use of the term and more importantly, give you a gameplan for how you should be thinking if you want to start experiencing faster weight loss again.

The first question comes in the form of “What exercise is best to get rid of this”. The “this” is accompanied by a pointing to some are of body fat on the body that the person is trying to get rid of. Often times this is the stomach or love handles in men and the arms or thighs in women. The fact is, there is never a single exercise that is going to help you to lose body fat in a specific area. We know that spot reduction isn’t possible, but beyond that, it’s the idea that exercise is the fastest path to weight loss that is flawed.

If you do not focus on creating a calorie deficit through nutrition then you will never see the type of weight loss results that you’re after.

Exercise in even its most metabolically demanding form (such as in a burpee) is still only capable of a minimal impact on creating the energy deficit, especially when you consider the fact that a single meal following your hard workout is enough to put you back in the hole when it comes to getting rid of the excess fat on your body.

The second flag revolves around the use of fasted cardio. Many will claim that despite their efforts to get up first thing in the morning and do cardio on an empty stomach rather than after they’ve eaten, they still aren’t seeing the type of fat loss that they desire. There’s a reason for this. Again, the type of exercise you do is never going to have the impact on creating an energy deficit that smarter food choices will. It goes beyond this however, since when it comes to cardio, research has yet to prove that doing cardio in a fasted state provides any additional benefits to fed cardio.

Save the efforts for what you put in your mouth and eat in the morning if you’re hungry. You just may have a more productive workout when you’re not starving.

The third warning sign when someone is not losing weight is when someone claims to be a “clean eater”. Perhaps no other phrase is as strong an indicator to me of someone that isn’t really eating as well as they should be. It comes down the details of the foods eaten here. Just because two meals may share a single ingredient doesn’t mean that they are the same calorically. Fish is not sushi. Chicken is not chicken parmigiana. Learn the differences between these foods in terms of the impact they have on your body fat levels and you’ll start to appreciate the changes you have to make to start losing weight faster than ever before.

The fourth red flag is the fact that the way you eat has a name. Most diet plans have names. We know that by nature, diets are temporary fixes and not long term lifestyle solutions. If you really want to achieve permanent weight loss then you are going to have to figure out how to eat in a way that you can stick with forever.

Finally, if your goal date for losing weight and getting leaner has an expiration date then you are destined to fail in the long run. Now, I can appreciate the motivation that a goal provides someone for getting in shape. The problem is, when the goal date is over then what happens. Instead, look to an inner more deep motivation for why you want to change. Maybe you want to be healthier for your kids or yourself. Look below the surface and the long term changes you’re looking to make will be much easier.

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46 thoughts on “Why You’re NOT Losing Weight (RED FLAGS!)

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    Love how he pulled up a fold up metal wrestling chair. Jesse’s getting the chair shot!

    • Weebosaurus Rex says:

      @Dario Impini “once you start working out, eating well, and you start seeing the results, and you make this a habit, eventually you don’t really crave all the junk food ” Not true for me. I cut out all unhealthy food many many years ago, and I still get cravings. I eat deserts maybe twice a year, and while I am always disapointed in the taste when I do, I still feel the cravings.

    • Dario Impini says:

      @Weebosaurus Rex Hm. Interesting. I mean, listen, pizza is still my favorite food and on relatively rare occasion I will have a slice socially. Craving as in “I gotta go have some of that and I can’t resist”? No.

      Moreover its like I tell others who try to get me to indulge — I work f’ing hard every day. It HURTS. And it took a lot of effort, time, suffering, self denial, and persistence to lose 40 lbs. If I *hadn’t* achieved anything, well then yeah, I might as well indulge myself. No sense in denying one’s self for nothing. But I have. And it wasn’t given to me. I had to work hard to do it. And I don’t want to throw that out the window by satiating myself with cheap indulgences.

      So there’s the motivation to preserve what I worked for. Just as if you worked hard to be a millionaire, really hard, and suffered back breaking effort, you wouldn’t just run out to Vegas and blow it all on a crazy weekend.

  3. Bienvenido al Holoceno says:

    “You should think of cardio as a way of strengthening your heart instead of generating caloric deficit.”
    That really changed my perspective. Thank you, I think this will greatly help me!

    • Steve Janowiak says:

      I started a job in a hospital six months ago and walk 65k steps a week doing said job. For the FIRST time in my 50 years of life I’ve finally achieved the body I want! For most people (not all) strict calorie consumption is very difficult to maintain as a lifetime choice. The steady state cardio really helps to maintain the deficit. It changed my life. So, although cardio should be primarily for heart health there’s no denying that the right kind can also allow you to achieve your recomposition goals too.

    • Sergey Organov says:

      @Steve Janowiak any physical activity is definitely better than none, but cardio is not the only or even the best one. For example, as an experiment, I purposefully dropped all the cardio when I decided to loose weight, yet I’ve got success.in loosing about 20 kilo. So, it’s nice when cardio helps, but in fact it’s not needed for weight loss.

    • Sergey Organov says:

      @andydguitar Sure thing cardio burns calories, but the question is: why? It’s easier, faster, and more healthy not to eat those calories in the first place, provided you just through them away in a most useless manner 😉

      It’s kinda like filling your car trunk with canisters of fuel and then burning it running in cycles around the gas station. Ah, and according to many fitness “experts”, you’d better attach parachute to your car to speed-up the fuel burn tremendously! 😀

      To me there is the only sense in 2-3 hours a day for steady-state cardio: when one really loves it. It’s so nice to do something that you really enjoy, especially when it’s otherwise entirely useless.

    • Timur Denisleam says:

      I burn around 800 calories during a cardio session. I’m disappointed he said the contributions are minimal

    • Sergey Organov says:

      @Timur Denisleam I think his primary argument is that it doesn’t matter, as burning calories is just an unfortunate side-effect of exercising.

  4. Renee Korrey says:

    I am 67 years old and I follow what you do everyday. I post your videos to inspire others. Thank you for all you do. I hope to meet you someday.

  5. Henry Tsai says:

    I’ve experienced all 5 red flags in the past 2.5 years and this channel has guided me past each one of them. -30 lbs to date and I currently weigh less than when I graduated high school lol

    • KevBurger says:

      I don’t mean to take anything away from you thou, Henry, I’m sure you’ve made lots of progress but he used the word gains wrong and I thought it was funny

    • Henry Tsai says:

      @Shawn W it was definitely a transformation for me. To quantify the gains in addition to what I can see in the mirror, my push-ups went from feeling winded doing 20 to 50, bench press went from 135 to 205. My next goal before turning 40 is to do 1 unassisted pull-up. Just one! I got 9 months left to make that happen

  6. Gerald Kings says:

    “Short term solution to a long term problem” – him. That’s the answer to my new fasting lifestyle… in deed!!!

  7. Alessandro Rampa says:

    You: “I tried everything”
    Jesse: “Oh I know this one: have you tried face pulls?
    Jeff: …

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