Carrot Cake is KILLING MY Gains!

Jeff Cavaliere’s birthday is June 28th. It’s well known that on this particular day, the king of youtube fitness enjoys his once a year carrot cake. That is, until Jesse decided that this year was the one to skip it. Why? He feels as if Jeff is up a percent or two in body fat and he had to get things under control.

See what happens next.

By the way, if you are the type that reads the descriptions of these videos – first of all thank you. We put great effort into putting elaborate descriptions that allow the person who may not be able to watch the video with the audio on to be able to learn what is taught in the video. Secondly, here’s your chance to shine. In addition to the normal video giveaway, we are going to award three lucky commenters with our Old School Iron program for leaving a comment answering the following:

“What would you give Jeff Cavaliere for his birthday and why?”

Good luck!

Let’s make your birthday come early.

Thanks ahead of time for the well wishes. It truly is an honor and a pleasure to be able to bring my best to you in each and every video I make. I take great pride in the quality of the content provided here and my commitment, with each passing year, is to not only continue to put out the most helpful material but to get even better!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loyal viewership!

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56 thoughts on “Carrot Cake is KILLING MY Gains!

    • Bruce The Snoose says:

      @Mohnnad Mercedes why are you acting like it’s crazy to not eat it more than that? Cake isn’t something meant to be consumed weekly/monthly lol

    • A G says:

      @Bruce The Snoose well normally ppl have friends who normally celebrate bdays where normally cake is present so umm its common to be eaten more than 2 times a year.

    • Prabsharan Kaknia says:

      @Alyssa Shoemaker right, if you eat a slice of cake, that’s about 4-500 calories. Go do some extra work to burn those extra calories.

  1. ATHLEAN-X™ says:

    *NOTIFICATION SQUAD GIVEAWAY* – It’s back!! Alright guys, I’m giving away a complete 30 Day Workout program to 100 lucky clickers within the first hour this video is published! Remember, this is NOT THE FIRST 100, but those randomly selected within the first hour the video is published. Click the link to see if you’ve won. No strings attached!

    If you don’t win, no worries, you’re not going away empty handed. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  2. CommentToR v says:

    I’m so frustrated right now that I couldn’t come up with a muscle imbalance joke.

  3. High Living - animated videos says:

    Why ruined, Jeff?
    Did you drink the wrong shake in the morning? Slept only on the left side, imbalancing your obliques?

    • AxxL says:

      I have a big… BIG… BIIIIGGGGG… muscles!!! HAHAHA!!! What did you think I was going for? That’s so DIRTY of you! GAGAGAGA!!! I am the funniest Youtuber ever! Maybe that’s the reason why I have TWO (!!!) HOT (!) GIRLFRIENDS. Thanks for being alive, dear h

  4. Jared Maller says:

    I’d give Jeff a secret second piece of carrot cake to chew on the other side of his mouth to avoid muscle imbalances

  5. jordan mccabe says:

    I would name a star after him for his birthday because that’s what he is to me and my Son. My Son has severe scoliosis and through Jeffs teachings and advice we have got him stronger than ever and mentally strong too as a result. Thank you so much Jeff Cavalier and Athlean X. Happy belated birthday.

    • Ryan M says:

      I have scoliosis too and I struggle with finding good workouts that are safe for the spine. I’m not even supposed to lift anything above my head and I can never do a proper squat/deadlift. Any tips from your son?

    • Lucas Teles says:

      You have N7 logo, you could ask Shepard to do this for you.

      Keep up the good work Mr. McCabe and Jordanson.

    • monnoo says:

      it may interest you that there is a German physio who teaches how to activate the deep muscles, which can aleviate skoliosis almost completely . it is all about mind muscle connection, and as i remember most of the training is about balance

  6. Unpainted Lead Syndrome says:

    “What would you give Jeff Cavaliere for his birthday and why?”

    One of those electronic fly zappers to keep Jesse away from his carrot cake 🙂

  7. G Co says:

    *”What would you give Jeff Cavalier for his birthday and why?”*

    I would give Jeff more pulley machines so that he can do face pulls in more places to prevent longitude and latitude imbalances.

    • King Kabi says:

      Lol, I was thinking of a similar gift. Nothing would make him happier than face pulls.

  8. Darsh Soni says:

    For his birthday, I would give Jeff Cavaliere all of the money that I have spent on gym memberships. If it weren’t for Jeff constantly saying to stop worrying about the other people around you in the gym, I would have never gone, as when I started out I was a literal twig, with people putting their fingers around my wrist. Also, this was the first fitness channel that I found, and I wouldn’t have started working out if it weren’t for this channel getting me off the couch and making me stop blaming not having results on my genetics, when I wasn’t even willing to put in any work. You deserve so much success in life for everything that you have done for your 11 million followers, even more success than you already have. Jesse is lucky to have a father figure in you. Please never stop what you are doing, and happy belated birthday!

    • Joskey O says:

      Good post! Weak fools make excuses. I was 154 lbs at 6ft and skinny as a twig. Gained 35 lbs (probably half in muscle in 3 years) by working out like my life depended on it. I’m 200 lbs now and properly ripped. All natural!

  9. Zugzwang says:

    I would give Jeff a carrot cake, but this one is going to be vegan, low fat and without any added sugar. A carrot, basically.

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