Quick Dumbbell Only Shoulder Workout #shorts

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27 thoughts on “Quick Dumbbell Only Shoulder Workout #shorts

    • Youtube Sucks says:

      @eugene teo I saw an EMG study that showed rear delts raises activated the side delt better than lateral raises did. Made no sense to me

    • LaPlantaMichay says:

      @Youtube Sucks probably gravity. try doing lateral raises standing straight, and then leaning forward a bit. you’ll notice standing straight activates more the front delt, and leaning forward activates more the lateral delt

    • eugene teo says:

      Cable has the same drawbacks in different positions, particularly if you set it up just a little too high

  1. supimsatan says:

    Do you need Compound shoulder exercises to build good shoulders? Or are chest compound exercises/side raises/row compound exercises enough?

  2. Luis C says:

    Great tips Teo! Btw I have taken inspiration from your video to do a crash diet(~1000kg a day on average), was a bit scared at first but it’s going well, also maintaining a pace of about 1kg a week lost.

    It’s not easy but frankly not as bad as I expected, looking to keep going for another 5kg and then ramp the kcal back up to maintenance.

    Too much information out there and seeing someone just do it and look good is always great.
    Thanks again.

    • Krzysztof Chruściel says:

      Good question – for me it seems like with cables you can have same level of resistance in whole range of motion.

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