Bench Press with Resistance Bands +| Weights Chest Workout

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Looking to step up the intensity of your chest workouts? This variation of the bench press uses resistance bands in combination with a regular bench and bar. This exercise has our chest under full fire. Secondary assistance from your front deltoids and triceps is present with the incorporation of the band, with creating tension throughout all points of the range of movement.
1. First loop the band to the ends of the barbell and anchor under the bench itself.
2. Lay back down on the flat bench.
3. Take a wider than shoulder width overhand grip on the bar and rack the bar over your chest in a controlled manner.
4. Lower the bar down lightly touching your chest.
5. Contract your chest and push the bar back up into the top.
6. Complete one rep. Repeat for the described number of reps to complete one full set.

That is how to perform the bench press using resistance bands plus a bench and bar.

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  1. DJ D-Fect says:

    Very nice. If i find myself around a bench i will give it a go. For now i am doing fine with the bands. Great tutorial

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