Round Butt Leg Workout Routine

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– Full Body Stretch Routine

Post Workout Stretches
– Standing Hip Flexor Stretch Routine

– Post Workout Hip Flexor Stretch Routine for Tight Hips

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13 thoughts on “Round Butt Leg Workout Routine

  1. All about energy 1919 says:

    It’s beautiful to have knowledge of the body and how it works. LOVE YOUR ENERGY keep motivating queen (goddess) knowledge is power health is wealth

  2. Zbo Paycolo says:

    I do heavy squats, it effects my back when I’m done days after…I don’t really know how to alleviate it, my knees and just over all legs are sore. I don’t really know how to fix it. Any advice? Would decreasing the weight help?

  3. manwiththemachinegun says:

    I’m a big believer in periodization with training for this reason: you can’t be 100% on point, max energy, all the time. Your body goes through natural periods of needing rest and recovery.

  4. therootscriedout says:

    Heeey, where’s our kiss at the end? Magda Civil did a video on squats recently and I commented how I’ve stopped doing squats because squats simply make my butt bigger. I am a man, btw. Coincidentally, I did legs earlier today–presses, curls, extensions, calf raises. I don’t even squat lightly. Yes, I’ve had women comment over the years about me having “a nice round juicy butt” (comment from female employees at PF). My suits appear a little strange with that bump sticking out the back. Anyway, great vid as usual. I can attest squats WILL grow glutes. Wish everyone the best in training safely. *blows a kiss*

  5. If*you*seek*me says:

    This is so amazing and helpful. Your calves look great. Any advice on growing those at home? Thanks

  6. Mystery Black Studio says:

    Wow, Toni is Back, Nice Bun, You have a great Routine, and you seem to never overdo it, keep fit.

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