13 thoughts on “You won’t really be good at doing anything, until you learn to be good at being yourself..

  1. NissiNutella says:

    hey legend,my dad just started doing your 30 min walk workout on jan 1 and he has decided to go on and make a change and i can say you are one of the reasons he is workin out,so just wanna say thanks so much cuase you are changing lives for the better God bless
    Jan 1st- 123.5kg (will update on 7th)

  2. NissiNutella says:

    open a restaurant man this is lit, if you do Ill book a flight all the way over 2000 miles just to eat there no cap lol

  3. Camille says:

    Just watching your meal preps has got me started and kept me motivated to prepare and eat right. Every step is a step in the right direction for me. Must admit it’s slow but surely lol.

  4. Imhim247 says:

    Can you bring the cooking show on here? I want to cook this type of food. Plus, I think it’ll be inspired us to be better at cooking

  5. Jamie McCormick says:

    Bro I remember when you were cooking at your old crib flipping stuff with your bare hands and didn’t really season anything lol now you’re a whole chef!

  6. Values and Vision says:

    You are an amazing person you thrive to be the best you can be and it is such a blessing that we can see your family grow up and know that they have an amazing dad and spouse.

  7. Samuel says:

    There is something about someone wearing little to no clothes and cooking… it feels unsanitary…
    That said your job is your body and I’m sure not showing it off would earn you less traffic so this video is still amazing!✨

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