The adductors are a fairly large muscle group on the inside of the thigh/groin area. This area has TWO primary functions and there are TWO methods to train it properly.

Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS gives you a brief muscle lesson before you see a HUGE variety of adductor / inner thigh exercises. Include some or all of these exercises in your training to develop and UNLOCK those adductors.

Some of these inner thigh exercises you can do at home without equipment while some with require added resistance in the form of a dumbbell, straight barbell, or resistance bands. The key to targeting the inner thigh IS variety and hard training. Since this muscle group is open neglected, it's important to train it consistently.

Here are the BEST 8 Inner Thigh Exercises that YOU need to be doing to destroy those adductors:

Plank Jacks
Timed Squat Hold
Scissor Kicks
Timed Squat Hold
Standing Adduction
Seated Adduction
Glute Bridge with Inward Squeeze
Curtsy Lunge
Cossack Lunge
Sumo Deadlift

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