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When it comes to deciding which supplements to take and at what age to start taking them, I felt there was a need for an official supplement checklist. Something that could be used as a guide for years to come that would help you decide which workout supplements and vitamins were going to be helpful to you, specific to your goals and your age. Here we are going to cover what Amazon has determined are the top 14 categories of supplements according to the popularity of them based on those people using them.

We start the list off where many people start off their day, with a multi-vitamin. This is something that I look at as an insurance policy for covering the broad gaps in your not so perfect nutrition plan is creating right now. The issue with many multi-vitamins is that they are almost too broad, including many times vitamins and minerals that conflict with the absorption of one another in the same pill. That said, they are remarkably safe and are popular amongst all of the age groups covered in this video (and even those younger than discussed), so for that reason I believe they are a good place to start for almost everyone.

Next up we have specialty vitamins. This is best determined by identifying specific deficiencies via either a blood panel or obvious signs and symptoms, and then addressing them with individual vitamins and micronutrients. This includes things like vitamin D, iron, potassium, vitamin C, etc. There are many causes of nutrient deficiency, but the most important thing is that you don’t ignore yours if they are present. The simple addition of a single vitamin each day can go a long way towards restoring normal function in your body and making you feel great at minimum cost and very little extra effort.

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Next we have to talk about protein powder. This is the most popular workout supplement on the market by far, for good reason. We can all agree that having enough protein in our diets is critical to building the most amount of muscle possible from our workouts. I actually don’t view protein supplements as supplements, but rather as an alternate source of protein to chicken, beef or fish. In fact, it is most of the time the most convenient way for us to make sure we’re hitting our daily protein requirements of around 1 gram per pound of bodyweight. The key here is choosing a high quality formula. ATHLEAN-Rx Pro-30G is at the top of the heap when it comes to this. It’s made from only the highest quality sources of protein and has an industry leading 30 grams of protein in every serving. You can find it at the link above.

Continuing on, we hit a run of three closely related supplements in purpose that are very different from each other in function and safety. This includes TRT, SARMS and Testosterone Boosters. First of all, the first two are so readily available and used these days that they have become almost confused by many, especially the younger population, that they act as if they are on a par with protein. These are not. They are medically prescribed substances and in the case of SARMS, not even medically approved for healthy use. Parents need to be aware of the rising reliance that kids are turning to these and educate them as to the concerns of using them both short and long term.

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Back to the more traditional supplements we discuss the use of melatonin. This natural sleep aid is safe for all ages but must be used in proper dosages and is therefore best that you get the advice of your physician. That said, the increased use of electronics and devices late at night create sleep disturbances due to the over exposure to blue light. Rather than turn to a supplement to help you sleep better you’d be better off following the advice of Dr. Andrew Huberman who suggests that getting early sunlight exposure every morning can help to restore normal circadian rhythms and more restful sleep.

Turning back to the workout supplements we have to address creatine. Notice I didn’t point out the specific form of creatine since there are so many. Whether you take creatine monohydrate, creatine hcl or even buffered creatine, they all work the same and have the same end result – improved force and power generation in every workout, faster replenishment of ATP, increased intramuscular hydration and increased muscle size. The determining factor between taking one form or another has to do with the potential for bloating or gut disturbance that some experience with monohydrate. If that is you, you should look into taking creatine HCL which has a higher absorbability and can be taken in lower dosages (2-3 grams vs 5 grams for monohydrate).

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  2. Definitely watch the sun rise and set every day, even if it’s cloudy, as well as getting some lamps in your house with red light bulbs in them instead of white light bulbs and reducing exposure to electronics afterdark so that your body actually can relax and you can get into deep restful sleep instead of feeling sedated by things like alcohol cannabis and boredom

  3. Love it. you have some of the best supplements I have ever taken and your workouts and precise instructions have transformed my strength and mobility.

  4. Your channel was the main source I used when gettin in shape. Seeing this video just reassured me that I’ve picked a good teacher.
    I feel like workout culture pushes questionable substances and it’s refreshing to hear a different viewpoint and such clear explanations.

    I’m not trying to be a body builder, just stay looking and feeling good.

    1. ​@Sharry Puri I think it’s pretty self explanatory what ppl mean when they say they’re not trying to be a body builder (excess muscle for aesthetic purpose) which straight away takes half the supplements on this list away. Fat burners, intra workouts, SARMS, TRT, Creatine are not necessary if you’re just trying to be healthy with a normal body weight range. No need to feel offended by other people’s usage of a term that is quite normal to explain your goals.

    2. @Beyonder Alright mate, thanks for your words of advice. You seem like you genuinely are a good guy so I’ll give you some advice – the youtube comment section isn’t a place to give motivational speechs on how you live your life and how you think others should live theirs. You come across arogant, patronising and rude. You live your life to your most optimal way and others will live how they see fit. Unless someone is asking for advice, i wouldnt type them a paragraph on how you think they should live. Have a good day mate.

  5. Jeff is a treasure. So much good info in this video and on his channel. Been training and watching athlean-x for years but this is awesome content

  6. I’ve got MS and I’ve just came back to your channel after 5 years, after it took its toll on my body and I stopped training. I’m getting some strength back in my body now, and I’m looking to train with my cast iron dumbbells and bench. I made fantastic progress before and want to get back into it. I have to make some adaptations as there’s many exercises I can’t do well like dead’s & squats.

    1. ​@pg Lol can you please reference your research? Its not helpful to just recommend significant diet changes with little to no evidence behind them.

    2. Similar situation bud I’m making best use of resistance bands preferably the loop ones available from Athlean-X or UnderSun.

    3. @James Sharpe Montell Williams for 1. He has ms and through ketogenic diet its beenin remission for over 20 years .

  7. So happy to hear Athleanx is increasing their supplement line! Multi vitamin and more – very cool.

  8. Currently training to be a PT and right now I’m on the module about nutrition so watching this stuff helps so much with learning as I’m constantly re going over stuff and also getting extra info. Great stuff from Jeff as usual.

    1. @Kody Kernan Thanks!! Might start watching him too, it’s crazy how you can basically learn new stuff all the time with the human body.

  9. Great video Jeff. With your background of shoulder injury I am surprised you didn’t recommend Collagen and Silica. I have labrum tears in both shoulders and have seen tremendous benefits from taking both-to the extent that I will never need the surgery recommended by doctor.

  10. This is a great video. Thank you for an intelligent breakdown of each one of these.

  11. Thanks to your advice Jeff, I have lost over 20 pounds in the last 2 years. Now close to my health goal. This video is fantastic

  12. Authenticity is heck of a thing. And you can just tell Jeff’s the real deal. Glad I found this channel to help me.

  13. Very informative video as always Jeff, could you at some point also talk about supplements when you are on a diet. Currently i am on a 32 kg /70 lb weight loss and have only just started doing protein powder supplements because my main focus has been weight loss, building muscle is generally secondary or tertiary to reducing overall weight and fat percentage.

  14. This episode should be done once a year when new medical data comes out. Thanks for the info jeff.

  15. Was on a poor trend downwards with my health for a few years. Within the last year I’ve been slowly integrating more workouts and activities to help me lose weight. Down 15 pounds and counting from 250. Personally being at that weight made me feel older than I am and it made me uncomfortable. Thank you Jeff for these free videos that help me improve my life in every way

  16. I started watching Athlean -X since I was 14 (I’m 25 now). I always loved the information this channel gave in all aspects of being an athlete. I remember subscribing to the channel back in 2013 when he had less than 100k subscribers and now the channel grew to 13.3mil. Its been a journey

  17. I am thoroughly impressed with your Channel and consistently find the information to be reliable, explanations tips and exercises almost always work for me. If I got one thing from this video it’s that I did neglect my joint health too long and one thing I’d like to add is that a lot of people don’t consider mental health when it comes to joint health and inflammation. It’s important to understand everything as one interacting system. I think it’s important that young people understand no matter how much caffeine or protein testosterone or whatever they take all dependent on how everything functions together as a system.

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