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If you have skinny biceps that you want to make wider, then you are going to want to watch this video. Here, I’m going to show you the best way to widen your biceps and get bigger, thicker arms in the process. Many times people focus on the height of their arms by working on building up the bicep peaks. While this is an approach that is sound it is not the only one. Incorporating brachialis work into your arm workouts is something you do not want to forget to do.

The brachialis muscle is situated beneath the biceps and is slightly visible if you flex the arm and palpate on the outside of it. Just underneath your long head of the biceps is a muscle that might be popping out a bit that is located between the biceps and triceps. This is the brachialis. The function of this muscle is to flex the arm.

Unlike the biceps however, this is its only job. The biceps on the other hand will supinate the forearm and flex the humerus at the shoulder while still helping to flex the elbow. The main difference however is that due to the fact that a muscle is strongest in its midrange, the brachialis is going to be more strongly contributing to elbow flexion in the beginning third to half of an elbow bend and the biceps will kick in more strongly from the midpoint up.

Since the two muscles share a common function it is impossible to get one to be removed completely from the action of flexing the arm. That said, there are things you can do to favor the action of the brachialis by slightly defavoring the contribution of the biceps by impairing its preferred action. This can be achieved by pronating the forearm primarily.

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You have probably heard that the hammer curl is a great exercise for building up the brachialis and thickening the muscle beneath the biceps to help push it outward and give you thicker looking arms. That is correct, however many times people don’t perform the exercise properly and don’t see the results they should from doing it. The key is the positioning of the forearm and elbow during the movement. Instead of just keeping your hand in neutral with your knuckles pointed straight ahead, fold the arm against the chest and pronate the forearm. From here, simply flex and extend the elbow to lift and lower the dumbbell. This will really ignite the brachialis while minimizing the contribution of the biceps to the movement.

There are other exercises you can do that will accomplish this as well. One of them is a modification on the greatest upper body builder there is, the pullup. Rather than doing chinups which have a high contribution of biceps because of the supinated forearm required to do the exercise, you would want to do a pullup. But not just any pullup. Instead, take a very close grip on the bar and aim to close down the angle of the elbow joint as you pull rather than worrying about getting your elbows behind your body.

This movement can be done from a inverted row position as well if it is too difficult to do while hanging from a bar. Either one is going to light up the brachialis and have you filling up those shirt sleeves in no time.

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53 thoughts on “How to Get Wider Biceps (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

  1. D Day Invader says:

    Can you do a video about diet and exercise for those in college where nearly everyday and for sure every quarter our schedules change. For me the hardest part is eating right. Some days I have to skip breakfast and lunch. This causes me to snack during the day and don’t forget those all nighters we have to pull during finals week.

    • Mark Concepcion says:

      College is the perfect situation for intermittent fasting in my opinion, I’m not saying its the best dieting pattern you can follow, but it is basically already what you are doing with the course load you have, especially if your college has a buffet-style meal ticket program. Also, just rest during finals week, the stress on your brain is more than just mentally, it will be physically taxing and this would be a good time for your body to re-comp anyways if you’ve done a semester full of hard work at the gym. This is all based on my experience though, where I always just have morning through afternoon classes i.e. 7-1 and occasional labs in the night time.

    • sid B says:

      You can skip breakfast and lunch…but like you said, just keep snacking…as long as it is a healthy snack…like say a tuna with some low fat mayo and siracha hot sauce on a whole wheat bread….that ‘s a good snack, follow that up may be with some left over chicken wraps on a whole wheat tortilla, drink water …you don’t have to sit down and have a good meal…I used to snack while walking to class. All nighters on finals are ok, again only eat when your body usually gets used to being fed…don’t gobble food at 2 is fine. Also, sleep helps growth. So all nighters during finals is ok but all nighters pulling in clubs, grinding up against hoes ain’t so!

  2. sergeantbigmac says:

    Ive been incorporating those cross body curls in my workout for the past couple months now and ive noticed an actual tangible increase in my bicep width. So simple too, a legit exercise that everyone should be doing! Now im going to be working in those inverted rows. Thanks Jeff for your years of valuable and free info. Ive learned more from you than anyone else.

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