The Only Home Workout Routine You’ll Ever Need for Muscle Building

All you need is a DICE and this home workout routine is the only one you’ll ever need for muscle building. With it’s 1200+ possible workout combinations you’ll probably never repeat the same workout twice. Accompanying Blog Post – The workout is simple, 1 push exercise, 1 pull exercise, 1 leg exercise and an abs exercise to finish. This will take a maximum of 30 minutes including warmup time. You can choose which of the 6 exercises you wish to do, or you can roll a dice and have a random workout, this is great because it eliminates paralysis of choice. Plus you’ll probably only stick to what you enjoy and get bored quickly. Rolling a dice 4 times (once for each category) gives us over 1200 possible workout combinations. We get variety and get to work muscles from different angles to ensure we’re building muscle. You should aim for 3 sets of 8-20 reps where we are getting close to failure with each set. Exercise intensity can be adjusted to ensure this is beginner and advanced friendly. Everyone should be able to make gains from this if they adjust the intensity to fit in the 8-20 rep range. Here’s a list of all of the exercises. Push Muscles: 00:46 – Pushups 01:21 – Dips 01:58 – Inverted Pushups 02:34 – Skull Crushers 03:07 – Close Grip Pushups 03:36 – TRX Y Raise Pull Muscles: 04:17 – Chinups 04:50 – Band Lat Pull 05:28 – Row Anything 05:50 – Inverted Row 06:19 – Prone Press 07:16 – TRX Face Pull Leg Muscles: 07:49 – Bulgarian Split Squats 08:25 – Jump Lunges 08:49 – Single Leg Hip Thrust 09:38 – Slider Squat 10:25 – Single Leg RDL + Calf Raise 11:24 – TRX Leg Curls Abs: 12:24 – Bicycle Crunches 12:43 – V-ups 13:05 – Russian Twists 13:38 – TRX Rollouts 14:09 – Side Plank Reach Under 14:31 – Hollow Body Hold I hope this helps you enjoy your home training. My Instagram – My Blog – Background Music Credit: Beats Savage Production Artist: Enyer Gonzalez

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