Hey guys! Sinipag ako ngayon so I made a video for people who are struggling to gain weight like me and wanted to get thicc HAHAHA but anyway, hope you guys like the video 🙂 MACRONUTRIENT CALCULATOR: Music: My Socials: Twitter – @migotraspe Instagram – @migueltraspe

17 thoughts on “HOW TO GAIN MUSCLE MASS || 5 TIPS

  1. Wonder Jazz TV says:

    are you an ectomorph type of body? like i do eat a lot, like 5cups of rice every meal, where every cup has 200 kcal, i have 3 meals a day, but i think im not gaining any weigths hahahah, and homebased workout din for shoulders and chest, cos i do resistance band, would that help?

  2. Andre no i says:

    bro can u drop ur daily workout routine? like the workout then how many sets and reps, so other ectomorphs and/or hard-gainers can use it as their guide. thanks, man.

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