—————————————————————- Shoulder workout at home , mass building workout , ghar pr body kaise banayen , no gym workout , 1 dumbel workout , ghar pr bodybuilding , shoulder ki best excercises , hindi/urdu , shoulder size workout , how to increase shoulder size , shoulders kaise banayen , quarantine workout , isolation workout —————————————————————– Hey guys, I hope you all are fine and safe. Here is a great shoulders workout that anyone can do at the comfort of their own homes with no gym equipment at all. Follow the exact workout to get bulletproof 3D shoulders. Full workout: 1) Pike pushups or feet-elevated pushups: 4 sets x 15 2) Arnold press (bag): 4 sets x 15 each arm 3) Side lateral raises (bag): 4 sets x 15 each arm 4) Front raises (bag): 4 sets x 15 each arm 5) Wall Hand stand hold: till failure If you liked the video don’t forget to subscribe guys. See you guys very soon in the next video. Stay safe and keep hustling fellas ! DON’T CLICK THIS (secret) : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-fCkR74QakFBrcGrItd-Hw/featured?view_as=subscriber ————————————————————————————- My name is Hasan and I’m 19 Years old. I make videos about incorporating fitness & nutrition into a college/student lifestyle and promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. 2.5+ years of bodybuilding experience. Connect with me on Instagram @hasanshabbirfitness 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/hasanshabbirfitness/ S U B S C R I B E
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By Chris Wright

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