Muscle Building Home Workout – No Equipment Needed

I hear often that you can’t build muscle at home if you don’t have any equipment. That’s simply not true! In this video I explain how to build muscle at home with little to no equipment and show a full training programme and training split that you can follow to see great results. http// Instagram –
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2 thoughts on “Muscle Building Home Workout – No Equipment Needed

  1. Kristopher Robison says:

    That’s fantastic! Love the back-pack idea. I’m using one to do weighted triceps dips in my garage on sawhorses. Also, I’m using a 2×4 through four concrete/cinder blocks to do a kind-of bench press (about 170ish lbs), as well as an extendable ladder weighted with sand-bags to do a hex-bar-like deadlift (about 220 lbs). #shelterathomeworkouts

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