How to gain muscle as a skinny guy.
Being a ‘hardgainer’ implies that you struggle to gain weight / muscle regardless of how hard you push yourself within the gym. In other words you are in a sticking point, and it seems that no matter how hard you push yourself or how much food you consume your weight will never budge

Ultimately there are two main things to understand as a hardgainer. Firstly understand that in order to gain muscle mass you need to be truly pushing yourself and your limits within some form of physical training. Your body doesn’t just get big for being bigger; it does it as a means to achieve a different adaptation. For example, if you train heavy, more muscle is grown to allow you to be stronger.

Whenever you are training you need to think about whether or not it would serve an adaptive purpose. In other words, if it’s not challenging you, your body has no reason for change

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29 thoughts on “How To Gain Muscle As A Hard gainer (SKINNY GUY BULKING TIPS!)”
  1. This is a matter of genethics, I literally DIE at the gym and eating and i haven’t noticed notable changes in 6 months (I’m 18), while some people I know haven’t stepped into a gym in his life and they are way more muscular than me. Its unfair, but this is the life.

    1. Yes, I understand you, also I tried so times to gain muscles, I used die in the gym with hard train. But in this quarantine I look my train y my style life and I found a many mistake like the food, the well sleep, that is a important elements to gain muscles. So it’s possible that you have a some mistakes, other alternative will be contract to some trainer. I wish you the best bro

    2. It all goes does HOW you train and HOW you eat. In addition sleep is very important as well! Then I would say you have to take a look at your exercise selection along with how often you train them. That followed by controlled movement and time under tension. Combine these steps with a lot om protein 2 times your body weight in kilo. Add fats and carbs.
      Shortlist of protein (Whey, tuna, salmon, cottage cheese, chicken and meat)
      Carbs (Sweet potato, white potato, rice, quinoa, lentil)
      Fats: Salmon, avocado, oil)

  2. So I increase Fats, Healthy ones, and then use that energy to workout making my body have a bit more stress, and then rest, and then muscles will grow?

  3. Fraser Wilson your the best person i subscribed to your channel and. I ringed the bell I just wanted to say good luck if you get 1 million subs I do your workout everyday I your best fan

  4. I have been trying to build muscle mass since 1 year, but I just did goofy stuff, I didn’t know a tiny bit about muscle mass, I used exercise like hell and eat less, after knowing about muscle mass, oh boy, your gains are ready

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