Quick 4 Min Leg and Thigh Workout for Strong & Slim Legs | At Home No Equipment No Talk Follow Along

A super quick 4 min Leg and Thigh Workout that's going to help you burn fat and slim your legs!

Guys, I have to be honest, you'll see a cut right before the last exercise, that's because something went awfully wrong (maybe a story for another time) so I had to cut an exercise out. It was actually supposed to be a 5 minute workout but it's fine, not everything needs to be perfect hehe. Nonetheless, this leg workout is still going to work your legs and thighs so be ready!

I suggest you repeat this video 2-3 more times to get a more intense burn and complete workout.

Enjoy! xx

0:07 Knee Lifts
0:42 Monster Walk
1:18 Back Lunges
1:53 Plank Tucks
2:28 Downward Dog w/ Leg Raises
3:02 Bird Dog
3:38 Plank Leg Lifts
4:13 Wall Sit

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It's important to remember that we cannot target fat loss, meaning that we can't choose exactly where to reduce body-fat. However, this does not mean that you cannot lose fat where you want to, and to get results I recommend:
1. To stay in a caloric deficit. (but DON'T starve yourself)
2. Cardio/Hiit Workouts.
3. Strength training to tone your muscles. (unlike fat loss, you can definitely target muscle toning and you can customize your workouts to get the results you want).
In the end, I think the key to getting the best results is to stay consistent and to implement healthy changes in your lifestyle. I personally do not believe in fad diets, as they are generally not sustainable. I believe that simply eating healthy and nutritious meals, reduce the consumption of processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks, move your body regularly and have a positive attitude, is enough to have a healthy and happy life.
Good luck!
xo Loriana

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