Can’t Lose Chest Fat? Just Do THIS!!

If you struggle to lose chest fat and want something you can do at home, just do this. In this video, I’m going to give you a four step plan for how to lose chest fat at home. As always, it’s going to take some work from your part however when you know what to do, it makes it much easier and faster to reach your goals.

That said, we have to start by first asking the question of whether or not the saggy chest or flabby lower pecs that you are seeing in the mirror are actually due to an accumulation of chest fat. At times, the tissue can be more glandular in nature and accumulates as a result of a genetic disposition or hormonal imbalance in something called gynecomastia. Often, when this is the cause there is a focus of the additional tissue around the nipple.

A true chest fat issue however is something that is more dispersed throughout the chest. It can happen at any body fat issue but is it obviously worse as body fat levels get higher.

If gynecomastia is the root of your saggy chest then you are going to have to investigate surgical or medical solutions.

The good news is, only 2 out of 10 cases of man boobs are the result of this condition. Instead, we are dealing with simply an abundance of chest fat as the problem and this is something that you can do something about – starting today.

The first and most necessary step in your plan of action to lose chest fat fast is to address your diet. No matter how you are eating right now, you are going to have to make some improvements if you want to make a change here. Whenever body fat accumulation is the problem, it always comes down to the fact that you are simply taking in more calories than you are consuming and are not in a hypo caloric state.

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Some additional good news, if you were to ask me how difficult a problem it is to solve chest fat problems, I would say it’s a 3 or 4 on a scale of zero to ten. This has a lot to do with how man store chest fat which I’ll describe in more detail in a second. Getting the vein that runs above the v-line and below a set of 8 pack abs is much more difficult to achieve comparatively.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply aim to decrease your caloric intake by about 20 percent. This often times will not require that you make vast changes to your diet. Instead, slightly smaller portion sizes or cutting out some of the obvious alcohol or junk food that you know doesn’t belong in a healthy eating plan is all that is needed.

Combine this with the fact that you will need to address the underlying pecs and chest muscle beneath if you really want to get a perfect chest. This can and is best handled via the adoption of an overall training plan. One that includes lots of compound lifts like squats, bench press, rows and deadlifts is going to help you to build as much lean muscle as possible which will help you to increase calorie burn even at rest.

That said, some targeted chest exercises for the lower chest can be helpful. These are all things that allow you to move your arm from a high to low position. This includes exercises like high to low crossovers, incline pushups with a plus, incline twisting pushups, the classic dip and the reverse side lateral raise shown.

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All of these lower chest exercises are great for ensuring that you follow the fibers and develop the pec major in a way that can be shown off when the body fat levels are low enough from your improved diet plan.

Finally, improving your posture is an instant fix for a sagging chest. This is due to the fact that when you have rounded shoulders the pec musculature gets smaller in appearance. It almost hides in plain sight. If you were to simply stand up straight and broaden out your shoulders the chest would be able to stand at attention. A long term solution for rounded shoulders is linked at the end of the video.

If you’re looking for a complete step by step workout and meal plan that will make it easier than ever to lose chest fat and get ripped muscular pecs, be sure to head to via the link below and choose the program that best matches the way you like to train.

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    • M. Jordan says:

      the best way to loose fat is by keeping insulin low. controlling the hormones is more important. keto and intermittent fasting. focus on high quality animal foods meat animal fat and organ meats should be the center of the diet and very low carbs. calories in calories out is an over simplification yes it works but it’s not optimal. the goal is to burn fat while retaining the most muscle at the same time.

  2. Spike Ike says:

    Professor Bro will be collaborating with Jeff Cavalier in a research project on whether man boobs can produce milk.

    • Rhys Cooper says:

      @Chris Brown that’s not true. There’s so much information dispelling that myth of phytoestrogen

    • chris says:

      @Rhys Cooper actually theres soooo much research done tht shows its not a myth soy is bad when in its true form unlike completely changed like u get in whey protein or soysauce soy is one of the reasons asians have a very feminine look to them eating tofu and all that shi is so bad for u

    • Basil Eldho says:

      @chris It’s not true .. what matters is quantity of intake( And that’s too much of quantity to actually cause problem )….

  3. canninerash0311 says:

    Ahh nothing like drinking my cup of coffee in the morning and once again learning from the master himself.

    • Batuhan Yiğit says:

      jokes aside if this guy was not exist i would have not build any frickin muscles naturally lol

    • canninerash0311 says:

      @Batuhan Yiğit I’m a master personal trainer and I still watch him. There’s always something I can learn that can help me grow individually and professionally.

    • PG says:

      @canninerash0311 I’m studying to be a person trainer myself. Do you have any sort of advice to help me along the way?

  4. Stanley Ezen says:

    I was thinking about how my chest boobs take away my motivation and confidence then I saw this video. Jeff is a wizard

    • Tee Smith says:

      I have man boobs as well and it sucks. My weight overall is normal for my height. But no matter how much weight I lose I still have man boobs. And I actually had gyno surgery a long time ago so it sucks to have them back.

    • ManuMiAS says:

      @Tee Smith have you been taking care of ur diet? its weird you got them back because usually when fat tissue is removed from an area, fat never stacks there again, unless they forgot to remove some gyno tissue and it grow again, sorry to hear that mate

  5. Matthew Messenger says:

    Legend has it that if Jeff loses a tooth on one side of his mouth, he knocks the same one out on the other side to prevent muscle imbalance in his jaw muscles

    • andy holden says:

      Legend has it that Matthew messenger had all he’s teeth knocked out due to he’s terrible jokes ……. true story !!

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      @andy holden legend has it andy holden was held back in 3rd grade 3 times because he doesn’t know the difference between he’s and his

    • Frank O. says:

      @nuri k rumor has it “legend has it” jokes have become worn out. Expect Jeff to make a video explaining why it sucks.

  6. Kevin fitness media says:

    “Don’t let the opinion of the average man sway you.Dream and he thinks you’re crazy. Succeed and he thinks you’re lucky.Acquire wealth and he thinks you’re greedy .Pay no attention, He simply don’t understand.”
    Stay blessed

  7. Marcelo Munhoz da Rocha says:

    To lose the stubborn fat (chest, love-handles, or wherever else your body stocks it) you need: Caloric deficit + Time + Patience!! There is no magic fix.

    • Joe Craven says:

      @andy crawford I went from 20% body fat to 10% body fat (no muscle loss) in 8 weeks. The difficult bit was the diet, not the workouts.
      Then I started eating pizza again and I’ve been at 15% for the last year.
      I look better and feel happier at 15% anyway cos 10% was just obsessive and not attractive to most people , so I’m not arsed as long as I’m not a big fat sweaty bastard I’m happy.

  8. Keneil Coleman says:

    Literally just got out the shower and looked at my chest fat and started hating myself. And then the YouTube algorithm said no worries fam.

    • bucketoclock says:

      Youtube, Google, Google maps, Facebook etc rtc all are the same…all store so much data its insane how much we’ve told them.

    • Kiana Shalix says:

      I feel the same way. I hate extremely hot days because the shirt will never come off because well if I do not want to see it then I know no one else does either. People say women are only body shamed but well we all know that is bsht.

    • bucketoclock says:

      @Kiana Shalix yeah dog. But listen, one thing Jeff overlooks is attitude towards self. You need to have your own back. Literally have your back stronger and be your own best friend. Accept yourself. You don’t occur in a vacuum, you are in a society. Look at society. So Be gentle with yourself. Also, the overarching way to achieve all that he says is a by-product of being proud of yourself and kind to yourself.

    • Fulcanelli says:

      They sent you to the right place. Switching to his workouts are top 3 best thing i ever did in my life

  9. John Mandou says:

    After Jeff uploads a video, he watches it flipped, and goes through all the movements on the other side of his body to prevent muscle imbalances.

  10. Derek 600 says:

    “Your diet sucks” I’m about to eat another M&M
    “Your posture sucks” I’m slumped over watching the video and eating another M&M

  11. ksidirt says:

    Me: Yeah this makes sense. It’s so easy.

    Also me: *Currently eating a 1500cal slice if cheesecake*

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