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If you are looking for the ultimate beginner ab workout that you can do anywhere, this is it. Just 6 ab exercises are included in this abs workout for beginners and the length of time that you need to perform them depends your ability level – with a maximum of 45 seconds if able. There are 15 second rests between each exercise. Ideally, if you can complete one round and still tolerate more, a second round of the same workout is a great option that will extend this whole workout to just 14 minutes.

They key to the success of any beginner abs workout is the exercise selection. Far too often, ab workouts are too complicated or too difficult for those that are just starting out. Instead of working the abs they also tend to overwork the hip flexors, which can lead to lower back pain. The last thing you want when you are trying to become consistent with an ab workout is to have the workout you are doing cause tightness in your lower back.

Just a little bit of discomfort in the back is enough to cause anyone to stop doing ab workouts.

Instead, the exercises chosen here are done so carefully and with purpose. We want to start with a lower ab movement since these are often the most difficult to perform. The simple reason for this is that in order to bias the lower abs you have to lift the pelvis back towards your head. This means you are going to be lifting some percentage of the weight of your legs.

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When lower ab exercises are performed with the legs straight out, the weight lifted is going to be greater. Beyond this, the hip flexors can dominate when the beginner is not experienced enough to know how to diminish their participation and make the abs do more of the work. The solution for this is to open the legs up as in the Reverse Butterfly Crunch.

From here we want to make sure we include rotation into our ab workout for beginners, everyone really. The opposite knee to elbow lets me do this. The goal is to not just look to bring one knee to the opposite elbow but contract your knee to your elbow. There is a big difference in how this feels and how much it engages your abs when you do it right.

The Obliques are so important to the visual tapering of the abs that you need to make sure you include exercises that target them well. The one chosen for this workout is the kickstand side plank. Here you want to build up that pillar strength that keeps your core strong and resistant to unwanted spinal stress. 45 seconds per side is great here if able.

The midrange movement of choice is the hands back knee thrusts. Again, the goal is to move both the top and bottom towards each other. When doing the typical version of the hands back knee tuck, there is a tendency for a beginner to want to overuse the hip flexors again. By doing it one leg at a time we can give the resting hip flexor a bit of a reprieve and avoid excessive load or stress.

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The plank toe tap is another one of those rotational exercises that helps us to drive oblique engagement with the rectus or upper abs. The goal is to reach through towards the opposite toe so you can be sure that you are getting enough rotation of the abs in this workout. Alternating sides for 45 seconds is a great goal to shoot for.

Finally, the frog crunch is another one of those beginner ab exercises that allows you to train the upper abs without having the hip flexors dominate the movement. This helps the rectus abdominis do the majority of the work.

Here is the ultimate beginner ab workout:

Butterfly Reverse Crunch x 45 seconds | 15 second rest
Opposite Knee to Elbow x 45 seconds | 15 second rest
Kickstand Side Planks (R) x 45 seconds | 15 second rest
Kickstand Side Planks (L) x 45 seconds | 15 second rest
Hands Back Knee Thrusts x 45 seconds | 15 second rest
Plank Toe Taps x 45 seconds | 15 second rest
Frog Crunch x 45 seconds | 15 second rest

Again, if you are able to tolerate a second round of this, be sure to click on the link at the top of this description to get right back to the time stamped beginning of the workout and repeat. If you are unable to make the entire 45 seconds for any of the exercises here in this beginner ab workout, don’t worry. Just go for as long as you can and look to increase as you get stronger over time with this workout.

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  2. 0:34 Butterfly Reverse Crunch × 45 Seconds | 15 second rest
    1:37 Opposite Knee to Elbow × 45 Seconds | 15 second rest
    2:36 Kickstand Side Plank(R) × 45 Seconds | 15 second rest
    3:37 Kickstand Side Plank(L)× 45 Seconds | 15 second rest
    4:35 Hands Back Knee Thrusts × 45 Seconds | 15 second rest
    5:35 Plank Toe Taps × 45 Seconds | 15 second rest
    6:36 Frog Crunch × 45 Seconds | 15 second rest

  3. Jeff, thank you so much for making these videos you’ve inspired all of us to do more and higher quality workouts. Keep up the good content ❤️

  4. JEFF! I have big respect for you for staying so consistent, especially since you’re a Father now & over 40. Thank you for not joining others in the quicksand of excuses.

  5. Man, this was tough. I’m 62 but have been in gyms most of my life and enjoy working out . . . the core, not so much. I think it actually takes less time than the time I spend on the abdominal machines and in the captain’s chair. Excellent routine – thanks!

  6. Jeff I’m 47 yrs old and started following you after I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2019. In 2020 I had 2 major operations and had my bladder removed spending 8 weeks in hospital with complications. Your videos were great for getting me into shape for surgery, recovering from surgery and getting back to decent fitness. I especially love all your “do this every day” exercises for my rehab and Posture and your abs workouts. Thanks for all you do – I salute you Sir!

    1. Happy to hear what a turn around you’ve made, Jon! Keep training hard and may good health find you for many years to come, buddy.

  7. Thank you!!! I was just getting back to ab training so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

  8. Ax Jeff: Hey Jeff, thanks for all the immensely helpful content! Quick question related to rest. You’ve noted the importance of adequate sleep, ideal rest time between sets, etc. BUT, how often should I take a week off from training? I’ve heard various things, but the general consensus seems to be roughly every 6-8 weeks of weight training, take a week off. What do you think?

    1. Every ~ 2 months is correct, but as always: Listen to your body. If you don’t feel like you need a break, don’t take it, if you feel you need one, take it. Somebody working out 5-6x a week at high intensy will have different needs (for breaks) than someone who works out 2-3x a week at high intensity. You don’t need to completely stop training though, you can make a deload week with 60% of your usual weight, only 1-2 sets and less volume (reps). This will keep you in flow and you can practice some technique while your body can recover deeply. However, sometimes a full break might feel nice as well. Muscle loss slowly starts after 2 weeks of no workouts at all, so don’t be worried to take a whole week off if you don’t feel to do a deload with lighter weights.

  9. OMG i was looking for a good alternative for lower back protection and the butterfly crunch is just an all around awesome way not to compress in my personal case!

  10. These follow along vids are just so damn good, easy to follow and makes me more motivated, thank you so much for these

  11. This is really helpful. I’m 71 – been working with Athlean X since 2008 – and I’m concentrating on lowering my present body fat percentage which is a little over 14%. I think this will help. Would there be a recommendation of how often to do this?

  12. I love how Jeff comes up with a “beginner” routine lasting less than eight minutes, that makes my old routine feel like it was completely ineffective. I particularly appreciate the variations that really do take strain of my lower back and hip flexors. That was really putting a crimp on my motivations to do core work.

  13. I was literally starting my fitness journey this is perfect knew you would come through keep up the greatness your showing us all dude

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