5 Min CHEST WORKOUT AT HOME (Best Exercises Only)

5 Min CHEST WORKOUT AT HOME (Best Exercises Only)

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10 thoughts on “5 Min CHEST WORKOUT AT HOME (Best Exercises Only)

  1. Surreal says:

    Hey Igor, your workouts changed my Life and i rly wanna say Thank u. i have a question , i finished the 28 Day 0-100 Challenge, should i just start from day 1 again or is there a updated version or a next step?

  2. Javan Tim says:

    I appreciate your workouts Igor, but it has been a long time, you haven’t posted a predominant Bicep follow along workout with backpack & towel, I suggest You please do that.

  3. Илья Пайусов says:

    Привет Игорь! Рад что у тебя все круто. Тренировки лучшие просто.
    Спасибо тебе)

  4. Юс :з says:

    Игорян, рад тебя видеть, лучшая тренировка. Кайфанул с тренировки вместе с тобой

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