How to Target Your Lower Abs (MAKE THEM VISIBLE!)

If you have lower belly fat or you are just soft in that area, you might be wondering how to target your lower abs and get visible lower abs. In this video, I am going to show you that not only yes, you can preferentially target the lower abdominal muscles, but how to do so in the most effective way possible. With three simple exercises (plus a bonus exercise) and some tips on how to do them, you will be well on your way to sculpting your lower abs.

You might have been told that there is no way to isolate one area of the abs over the other. In other words, you cannot work the lower abs without also working the rest of the abdominal muscles. This is true. However, based on where we initiate the movement from, we can preferentially influence the portion of the abs that we are looking for. To target the upper abs, you would perform top-down movements such as a standard crunch, but if you wanted to hit the lower ab muscles, you would perform bottom-up movements.

The lower abs are subject to another anatomical manipulation and that comes from the position of the pelvis and the low back. To most effectively influence the lower abs, you will want a flat back throughout every ab exercise that you do. To achieve this back position, you are going to need to be in a posterior pelvic tilt. By curling your pelvis in and under, you are also helping to reduce the activation of the hip flexors during these movements.

Next, you are going to want to set your hip angle. Ideally this will be at 90º for both your hips and your knees. However, to make the exercise easier, you will want to bring that angle closer towards your chest and to make it harder, open the angle so that your legs are farther away. Whatever angle you set, make sure to keep that angle throughout the entirety of the exercise.

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So what exercises can we do and how do we do them in order to most effectively target your lower abs?

First up, we have swipers. The goal is to get your legs in the air by raising your pelvis completely off the ground and swiping your hands underneath where your butt was. This exercise is great because it has automatic feedback built into the movement. If you successfully curled your pelvis off the ground and towards your chest, you will be able to swipe your hands together no problem. If not, you need to focus on lifting that pelvis.

Next, we have reverse knee tucks, but they should really be called tailbone lifts. Why? Traditionally, most people usually allow their hip flexors to dominate the movement and simply bring their knees towards their abdomen. To really make the lower abs work in this exercise, think about lifting the tailbone off the ground and bringing your knees to about forehead level. This will ensure that you are limiting the amount of work the hip flexors are doing and maximizing the work that the lower abs are performing.

The next ab exercise is a more dynamic and tougher version of the standard plank called the plank knee slide. By incorporating the same principles that were introduced earlier, you will be effectively targeting the lower abs throughout this movement (if performed correctly, of course). Just make sure you are going slow and deliberate with each part of the movement.

A bonus exercise that is probably one of the most effective ab exercises of all time for hitting the lower abs is the hanging leg raise. Instead of simply raising your legs up, I like to give the cue of showing your butt to the person in front of you. This will disengage the hip flexors and allow the abs to take on the brunt of the work. Another reason this exercise is so great is because you are lifting the weight of your legs against the force of gravity.

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To intensify each of these exercises, simply engage the adductors. On 3 of the 4 ab exercises I showed you, you can simply cross your legs and squeeze them together. On the plank knee slides, think about isometrically dragging the plant foot inwards.

Furthermore, you can also add rotation to the exercises as well since the fibers of the lower abs run at a slightly oblique angle.

None of this is going to matter if you have too much body fat covering the lower abs themselves. No exercise is going to spot reduce that fat. However, by getting your nutrition in check and being in a hypocaloric state, you will be start burning that fat off while still building and strengthening your lower abs,

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20 thoughts on “How to Target Your Lower Abs (MAKE THEM VISIBLE!)

  1. ItsToasty says:

    I have been waiting for a good lower abdominal workout, let alone a complete breakdown for it. Thank you so much for the info Jeff

    • Lavaughn Ankle says:

      Hey do some leg raises fully extended legs and raise them slowly before lowering them, but never let them touch the ground try to thirty reps. I Promise you you’ll be crying and Rolling before you hit 10.

  2. Joseph says:

    Hey Jeff, could you make a video addressing sled pulling and sled pushing? Like the pros and cons of doing them as well as any discrepancies in the form that we should be aware of.
    Thanks man, hope to hear from you

  3. Sahaj Talwar says:

    13 years down the line.. still providing us with new information every week!
    Hats off to you Jeff!

  4. clamum says:

    I always had trouble doing lower abs exercises (haven’t done dedicated abs work much this year lulz). I’ve watched videos like Jeff’s before, and seemingly got my tailbone up off the floor on reverse crunches, for example, but I still don’t think I was doing them right. Same thing with hanging knee raises. I just never got sore even a little from the exercises. I think they’re really hard to do correctly for many people.

  5. MB Umucspring2016 says:

    This guy is so real he has a hole in the knee and still pushes thru. Im a forever subbie!

  6. Bully Maguire says:

    The perfect video for me, since i have anterior pelvic tilt. Strengthen my lower abs while having apt is really hard, yet satisfying to know this can fix apt (apart from strengthening hamstring & glutes)

  7. Isak Abisua Oliva says:

    Practically what you say is the basis of everything is the diet to be able to see them now for not having that problematic fat and to the exercises focused on that area it is good to know which ones are better than just the Cruches, thanks Jeff for giving us the correct guidelines.

  8. Luke Watterson says:

    The timing for this is so good. Have been asking this question to myself all week, been sitting at a decent body fat of sub 14% BF but I’ve only had the top 4 and toned obliques, so Im interested to see how this will go in the next couple weeks.

  9. Martin0815DE says:

    Thanks for this lower abs training information! Informative like always, giving good ideas for the own workouts!
    About the stubborn area … i only can repeat your words, since I changed over 7 years, without loosing joy in life, from ~93kg to 64kg, with only 4kg of body fat left.
    Why I needed so long?
    No diets, only movement, development of skills, running, cycling, cardio like movement, bodyweight training, learning new patterns and body awareness, etc.

    But the stubborn area was the last to change.

    Consistency of training, changing habits, a bit of deny of sugar, alcohol, coffee, adding a preference for fruits, more pure water, a more healthy way of life, changed me over the years!
    And the way to train needed to change, too, adopting the changes of the body, the agility, the strength.

    And this change, these changes are worth it!

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