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What does Jeff Cavaliere’s fridge look like to eat for a 6 pack? In this video, I am going to reveal to you what the inside of my refrigerator looks like and how I construct my meals in order to maintain my 6 pack abs. Many people wonder exactly what it is that I eat in order to maintain a ripped and shredded physique year round. I will show you exactly what goes on my plate as well as the strategies I use to make sure that I stay consistent day in and day out with my diet.

What’s in my fridge, however, may not be as important as what’s in my freezer. That is because everything that ends up in my fridge starts in the freezer and the preparation that goes with it. All you have to do is look at the big bag of chicken. I like to cook, season and prepare my chicken prior to the start of the week and freeze it. If you look next to it, you will see the frozen sweet potato and edamame as well. These items make up the majority of my plate and by having them already prepared, I don’t even have to think about it when it comes time to eat during the week.

Next, I’ll take you into the fridge itself so that you can see what’s going on in there. Since I am not the only person living in my house, you will notice that there is food that wouldn’t be normally be on my menu. Foods that are not part of my eating plan are abundant, especially the sweets and treats, but I don’t ever have to worry about them. I have locked in my nutrition and so the temptation for me to eat something that isn’t dialed into my diet really isn’t there.

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To keep a 6 pack year round, I have to make sure that I pay attention to the food that I am putting in my body. That’s why I take careful consideration of not only the foods that I am choosing to eat, but how I prepare them as well. One of the keys for me prepping my food, is preparing my food beforehand. Cooking the food prior and preparing my plate well before I am going to eat makes the eating process that much easier. Not only am I able to portion out my plate perfectly, but I am able to have it ready in the fridge waiting for me so I never have to guess when or what I am eating.

This is also why I keep a ton of back ups of all the food and condiments that I use when I eat. I know that I am not going to run out, which means I will never have to sacrifice what I am going to put in my stomach. When you are guessing what you are going to eat next, you are more likely to choose the wrong foods based out of convenience or what you might be craving at the moment.

One of the reasons I am able to prevent myself from giving into cravings is by having my foods prepared and by also making smart choices and substitutions. For example, my idea of a treat that helps crave my sweet tooth is a small bowl of frozen yogurt. This is a much healthier food choice than my options out there and allows me to indulge in that sweet tooth craving, while also maintaining my healthy diet to keep me shredded year round.

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This combination of smart choices and making sure that I never run out of said choices is one of the leading factors of my being able to have six pack abs all year. There is plenty of temptation in my house when it comes to food choices and it takes discipline and a smart approach to eating to make sure that I stay on track. Luckily, I have been doing this for so long and it has become part of my daily life that eating to build muscle is super easy for me.

I’ve even taken this approach to supplementation. I make sure that my protein powder is easily accessible and that I have plenty of it in terms of the number of bags I keep in my home, because I never want to run out. I never have to sacrifice my supplementation because I will always have an ample amount around to make sure that I will always have my protein shake.

Remember, if you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail. This can easily be applied to your eating plan, making sure that you have the right foods ready at the right time beforehand can make not only your life easier, but can make building muscle and keeping off body fat easier too. Remember, if you want to get a six pack, you have to eat with a plan.

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    1. Heads up Athlean, they put transfat in the Coffee creamers, all of them. They do the trick where each dose is less than the amount they are required to report on the label, but it’s actually significant portion of the creamer and very bad stuff.

  2. Your vids really inspired me. A couple years ago, I was working out, but not “working out” pretty much just doing stuff with no plan. I then watched your vids and got serious. Now I have a trainer and a plan and it’s thanks to your content!

  3. Please do a video on scaled back and on a budget! I’ve seen some other youtubers do this, but I want to see your spin.

    If you’re up for a challenge, how do you scale this to feeding your family so they don’t have food fatigue. I’m a dad with kids in school that I would like to do this sort of thing on a budget, but not have a kitchen mutiny.

    1. Hopefully he will answer your questions, would ve useful to most of us who don’t have dough like Jeff lol

    2. Although personally, being on a budget myself, I utilize eggs including yolk for some of them, bell peppers tomatoes and avocados for a meal in mid morning. Shakes 1 to 2 a day, with pb fit and flax and collagen added. Greek yogurt is cheap overall and good to have around for shakes as well. Then chicken or turkey with veggies and sweet potatoes most nights. Throw in some fish in there weekly as well if can. Like salmon or tuna. Relatively cheap and effective. Some insight from a man with a family on a budget. Peace ✝️

    3. @Christ is Lord Tend to get the unflavored Greek Yogurt from Costco. Been using that instead of sour cream for everything. Also take that and add fruit, honey, cinnamon and granola for a fantastic snack to fill you up. Do sweet potatoes in the oven or in an air fryer like they do in Korea with the skin on. They make for great, filling snacks as well. The biggest issue I think is creating a routine and not running out. I’ll get lazy and not make snacks and I reach for bad stuff when I’m hungry and out. Constantly wishing I had room for a bigger fridge or another freezer to store stuff.

    4. @Matt Rossi  same I will grab the unflavored yogurt from wherever I can in as big a container I can lol always useful. And I agree, gotta have the skins with the potatoes. I do my best to avoid having very much around that can lead to bad choices, plus I just know it’s not good for me so I can avoid it when it is home usually. I snack on mixed nuts or pistachios or fruit when I start getting that craving. I’ll eat a few dates or a fig for sugar if I’m really fiendin out, but give yourself a cheat meal every couple weeks at most and it helps as well if struggling there. I have been limiting it to like once a month I’ll “ball out” and eat something crappy hahaha can completely miss out on the “good” stuff in life. I just keep it very limited for my own sake. Too many older folks I see in terrible shape because of their diets. Can’t move properly and thats a big part of why. But you ain’t wrong, the routine is key to stick to. Luckily I’m like Jeff in the way that he can eat the same thing for most part daily. It doesn’t bother me at all to do that. A lot of people struggle with repetitive things like that

    5. @Matt Rossi I do the plain Greek yogurt and low fat cottage cheese in a lot of dishes in place of sort cream. Another thing with the sweet potatoes is to get a firm variety (Okinawa or the red Asian (can’t remember the exact variety)), cut then into 1/2″ thick ‘coins’ with the skin on and steam them. Put it in the refrigerator and they’re good for a good week or so (you could even freeze them). Eat them cold. They taste good and are a resistant starch, so you don’t get a blood sugar spike.

      I’m not gonna lie, I wish I had Jeff’s fridge.

  4. This is amazing 1. Jeff’s a baller. 2. Jeff is super dedicated and doesn’t mess around. Eating the same thing everyday makes it easy to control how much mass you gain to the T. Props to you Jeff! It’s inspiring for us who want to get the body of our dreams!

    1. Agreed…”eat like a dog” takes the guess work out. I eat exactly the same thing for 16 weeks before a vacation. I could not keep ot up indefinitely…Jeff and people who do that are a different breed

    2. Also eating the same things over an extend period of time creates “secret hunger”.

  5. Make sure the left side of your fridge weighs the same as the right side of your fridge. Avoid imbalances.

  6. Bien impresionante! Me encantó lo organizado que está.

    Y sí, hay que resistirse a lo que hay en el refrigerador o alrededores y saber decir no, con una alternativa mas saludable o acorde a los objetivos de uno en ese momento.

    Y además felicidades por tan magnífica casa, está de lujo.

  7. Guys I gotta say, I love all your videos, but I literally stopped what I was doing and was watching this like it was a movie. Didn’t want it to end. Im begging you guys to keep hittin us with nutrition videos! Feel like that’s where a lot of us are slacking

    1. He showed his McMansion in the suburbs that he drives his SUV for, to get to. He stashed more food than some people eat in a year. What in the f do you mean it was like a movie?

    2. @Hybridsixtynine if hes not throwing away the food whats the problem. there is no food shortage currently in the united states. stay hating.

    3. 100% agree. This stuff is real nice change of pace and important too! I feel like I identified with a lot of stuff he’s eating, helps me out!

  8. Love the dedication Jeff! Thank you for the inspiration as always. Very cool to see behind the scenes with how you manage your eating. Side note your home is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Jeff literally has a whole supermarket in his kitchen, quite incredible. Also what a beautiful house. I am ever so slightly jelly.

  10. Definitely picked up the egg whites idea from Jeff….so convenient to put in my egg poacher or to scramble. Also, from previous AthleneX videos; cottage cheese, whole grain pasta with fresh grated parmesan cheese & cut up lean meat and other decent sources of meat & plant protein, etc, and all combined it has significantly increased my daily protein in a healthier way and enhanced my gains from workouts.

  11. jeff, I should have mentioned in my earlier post one of the elements of your character that many of us really appreciate and it is your complete openness and honesty about everything you discuss. You are a man of good, solid character!

  12. Can we appreciate that Jeff is living in an absolute mansion of a home, and he deserves every bit of it? Super informational content, thanks Jeff!

    1. it’s just an average upper middle class house. Mansions are over 10,000 sqft

    2. @Chris Hultgren  haha I know what mansions are, was just admiring his house :)

    3. a mansion but has no chef, if I was making 8 figures like jeff I would definitely have a chef

    4. @fit stoic He doesn’t need a chef. He just said he does all of his own packaging.

  13. I love that Jeff acknowledges that he’s not normal. I am fairly certain he’s never tasted some of those sweets in the fridge. Also, I’m pretty sure they’re preparing their pantry to feed an entire high school football team.

  14. This is what most fitness channels don’t show enough of, the most important part. Exercise is just the activation for what you’ve put in your body at the end of the day. Great video!

    1. Don’t worry, some of ’em are gonna make vids criticizing this vid of Jeff’s. Then, eventually, most of them would jump on this band wagon (making the same vid as this one) soon. Lol.

  15. If anyone from Australia is watching this and has found canned pumpkin in this country please let me know! I asked at both big name grocery stores and just got weird looks. The main thing I learnt from watching this though is that I’d need a bigger house to be *that* prepared! Amazing, love it – these sneak peeks inside make you seem even more relatable Jeff – keep it up!

    1. What’s the big deal about pumpkin? Is it better than or the same as sweet potato?

  16. I’m interested in seeing Jeff’s way of trying to teach proper nutrition to his kids. Some regular updates on his methods & what is/isn’t working would be great.

    1. His consistency and organization with a good meal plan on display in the family kitchen is the first step. In other words, he’s directly influencing through his transparency. His content online is easily accessible for them to watch.

    2. And at the same time I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger stash of junkfood and snacks in a private home.

    3. @Kakudo Kurisu I feel like it would be weird watching my father educating me on youtube lmao
      They also might happen upon the infamous 62 g of protine on breakfast video, that will scar them for life

  17. The little touches of humor on this channel almost never miss. Jesse holding up the cinnamon rolls was hilarious

  18. I really don’t think the general public understands what an excellent communicator, content creator, and health genius JK is. He applies principals and creatively develops them for a mass audience. I’m doing his free beginner program right now (I’m 61 but not heavy) and I am staring to understanding what he’s talking about all the time. Just genius.

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