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Working your inner chest can be quite difficult unless you know exactly what you should be doing. Because most of the time people don't implement either of the two main factors that create muscle growth in that specific area.

The first factor is the peak contraction. The fastest way to build the inner portion of your chest is to be sure you are including complete adduction of your elbows to get as deep of a contraction of your chest as possible. The next factor is to make sure you are keeping your muscle under tension while doing this. But most of the time, what happens is people end up resting at the top of the exercise and this is why their inner chest is typically lacking.

So the first exercise is going to be close grip dumbbell presses. The main thing to remember here is to continuously squeeze the dumbbells together using your chest to create that peak contraction, and keep squeezing as you lower the weight down to your chest and especially as you press it back up to the top.

The next exercise is a plate press. Very similar to the close grip dumbbell press but your arms will be a little more adducted and you will be forced to squeeze the weight together to avoid dropping it on your face. So make you are overemphasizing pressing your two hands inwards on the plate as if someone is trying to take it.

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The third exercise is a cable fly elevations. Here, you will take two cables at whichever height you prefer. You will press the handles together while making sure your shoulders are rolled back in order to isolate your chest.. then you will keep the handles pressed together, maintaining the peak contraction, and then in a controlled movement, raise your hands up, then back to starting position, and lower your hands down, then back to starting position. This will allow you to work all different areas of your inner chest.

Try these out and let me know what you think!

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