The Best Meal Plan To Build Muscle FASTER (EAT LIKE THIS!)

You need to make sure you’re accomplishing 3 things for an effective muscle building diet plan: eating at a slight calorie deficit, eating adequate protein every day, and not eating like complete crap. These will account for let’s say 90% of the muscle growth you experience from your bulking meal plan. But what muscle building foods and nutrition tips can we incorporate to get that extra 10%? Well, there are a few additional things we can do when it comes to how to diet to gain muscle and what to eat to build muscle faster that can help speed up the muscle building process. And I’ll show you exactly how to do just that and provide you with a sample muscle building meal plan here.

The first thing you’ll want to do for an effective muscle building diet plan is take your daily protein intake and spread that out into ideally 4-5 meals throughout the day with each of them having a minimum of 20g of protein. It also makes sense to ingest an adequate amount of protein shortly before sleep since that’s the longest period you’ll go without food. That’s also why you might want to bias a little more of your daily protein towards this pre-sleep meal with at least 40g of slow digesting protein.

The next tip here is to incorporate “muscle building foods”. First, you want to opt for high quality protein sources that are not only high in leucine content, but also high in digestibility. In addition to this, you can opt for more unsaturated fats as opposed to saturated fats, which may bias more of the weight you put on to be muscle as opposed to fat. Olive oil and salmon specifically are two unsaturated fat sources I’d highly recommend incorporating in your muscle building diet.

Now the last tip when it comes to how to diet to gain muscle here is to periodize your diet. Although we want most of the weight you put on to be muscle, it will always come with a bit of fat gain with it. And as your body fat creeps up during a bulk, you actually become less efficient at putting on muscle. Meaning, that as you continue to gain weight and your body fat slowly creeps up, then it would be best to occasionally “re-sensitize” your body for more efficient growth by stripping off some of the excess fat you put on before you continue to focus on gaining more weight again.

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So, to sum up all the muscle building nutrition tips covered:

1. Evenly distribute your protein throughout the day into 4-5 meals, each consisting of at least 20g of a high quality protein source. Biasing more of your protein (at least 40g) towards a pre-sleep meal is also a good idea to stimulate protein synthesis overnight.

2. Optimize your food choices. Opt for higher quality protein sources and incorporate more unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat (olive and salmon oil may be the most beneficial). This may enable more of the weight you gain to be muscle as opposed to fat.

3. Periodize your diet by transitioning through phases of a calorie surplus (e.g. 3 months) with phases of a calorie deficit (e.g. 1 month). This way you’ll be able to occasionally re-sensitize your body to put on muscle more efficiently.

All in all, guys, I hope that you were able to see that it’s the little details like this that really do make all the difference in the long run. And for a step-by-step program that shows you not only how to approach your diet and what to eat, but also pairs this with a weekly workout plan so that you can build lean muscle as efficiently as possible with science, then simply take the analysis quiz to discover which science-based program would be best for you and where your body is currently at below:

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46 thoughts on “The Best Meal Plan To Build Muscle FASTER (EAT LIKE THIS!)

    • readyone4fun says:

      Are usually like most of your content however I feel you are mistaken on this one. The meal timing and number of meals theory has been thrown out the window with intermittent fasting. So the fact that you state you should at least get 20 g of protein per meal spaced out throughout the day doesn’t fly. I’ve seen people eat three meals a day and a six hour window which means they were getting ample amounts of protein per meal and they still made amazing gains.

    • ChasingTheDream87 says:

      Hey Jeremy! I have a question about the before bed meal, studies have shown that eating before bed effects sleep quality and heart rate variability hindering recovery, do you have any info on that?

    • Hoiafar says:

      It would be nice if you included or put out a separate meal plan for those with dietary restrictions on meat. Yes, meat is a better protein source but it’s not always an option for everyone.

    • 1111italia1111 says:

      U da best jeremy ! such quality content each time !! u keep pushing forward even with a huge channel ! im from france and i learn a lot from u ! question : do u think clear whey isolate is good for the body ? i want to try but dunno in the long term in a health way i mean 🙂 thanks buddy! i will be happy to drink whey before bed, or casein as u said its slower ! i don’t take whey for the moment, just real food but i want to optimise a bit on 5days a week! thanks a lot 🙂

  1. Haugunn says:

    That was exactly what I needed. I feel like I know enough about the training part, but not enough about nutrition, and this helped a lot. Going to the gym for my first time tomorrow!

    • Maciej Sibila says:

      exactly, it’s best to start the cycle to make a form in 3 months to eat what you want whenever you want. Mix alcohol with cocaine and look good. Who wants to wait 10 years for shape

  2. Aryaan4416 says:

    I just started using olive oil a while back
    One of the best decisions ever made
    Plus it makes the food tastier whether
    It is a salad or just cooked food .

    • Terron says:

      Definitely a great addition, but make sure you eat it in moderation. Super high in calories and fat (120 cal, 17g fat per tbsp). For sure the good fats, but that doesn’t mean they’re good if in excess. I try to only use it for 1 meal or so a day.

    • Emilia Crace says:

      Basic Cubing i would say one tsp per meal and for salad it’s the same, but you might need to mix it well and let the olive oil sink in a bit longer so it makes the lettuce just as smooth

    • Shalan Sharma says:

      The only issue is that extra virgin olive oil has a quite a low smoking point, which means it’s harmful to use it when cooking at high temperatures.

      The same applies to regular olive oil, just to a lesser extent.

    • Aaron Rodriguez says:

      Do not be fooled, I have been practicing IF for 1 and a half years with great results, what has worked for me is to make IF 3 to days a week and the rest of the week eating 4 meals a day. I stopped watching videos about diets and meal planes, they are just so so many you get what I call “information paralysis”
      Every video is plagued with research about this and about that that one get so confused. I havent lost any muscle doing IF. Everything in moderation is good, listen to your body.

    • Daniel Stratton says:

      Pretty sure the stuff Jeremy says here is for if you ARN’T Fasting. There is a massive difference between being fasted and being hungry. I’m trying to find the source, but im pretty sure muscle protein synthesis stays elevated during a fast, so long as you get enough Protien in during your feeding window. (Or perhaps it could be that muscle protien breakdown is turned off during a fast, i cant remember, I’m going to go look at Tom Delauer’s videos)

    • JohnnyD says:

      @Daniel Stratton yes that’s from what i gathered as well but I’m a hard case hard gainer. As much as some of you may hate that term.
      Back when i was training 6 days a week I needed to do 5 meals a day, with 6 to 8 eggs and whey isolate and creatine, to slowly gaining 10 lbs (with fat) after a year.
      Now i had some sickness and operations done, lost around 20lbs so I’m staying on the healthy side.
      Will try with 3 meals a day primarily beef and salmon and some white rice in a 8 hours window and see how it goes.

  3. Gym Garage Man says:

    Funny all the dudes at the gym spent the whole time talking diet all the expensive shakes supplements! Asked what I eat none of these things just a big bowl of 30 pence porridge every day followed by a tough workout no money wasted!!!

    • Gigantisaurus Rex says:

      Reminds me of Charlie Bronson (the criminal, not the actor). He holds a number of strength and fitness records in the UK prison system, as well as a record for the most time spent in solitary confinement, and mentioned in his book, Solitary Fitness, about how he “ate more porridge than the Three Bears!”

  4. Ángel Carcaño says:

    3 main points of the video:
    – Optimize 24 hours protein synthesis levels: 01:01
    – Incorporate more “muscle building foods”: 04:04
    – Nutrition periodization: 08:00

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