Wondering how much cardio is needed to burn belly fat? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk all about cardio, and more specifically how you can use it to get rid of belly fat. The truth is, most people seeking burn belly fat approach their cardio routines the wrong way and fail to account for the various metabolic adaptations we experience. The good news though is by Implementing the right cardio plan, you will be able to break through any plateaus you encounter to the point where you’re able to lose belly fat. Before that, let’s first take a look at the problems we face when it comes to cardio and belly fat loss.

One of the major limitations with cardio for fat loss is that as we lose weight and improve our fitness levels, our body compensates by trying to burn less calories throughout the day. That’s obviously bad news if you want to burn belly fat. And is also why your cardio plan needs to be designed and actually progressed overtime such that it accounts for this. But, at the same time, you don’t want to do too much too soon.

So, how exactly do we account for those factors? Well, we can do so with a 4-step plan that when combined with a calorie deficit from your diet, will help you lean down and eventually get rid of belly fat. The first thing we need to do here is establish a small amount of cardio to get you in the habit of moving and adhering to a cardio plan that we can then progress. What I’d recommend is just 10 minutes of incline walking every single day. You can swap this for light cycling or any low intensity, low impact cardio modality.

In step 2, we want to then very gradually start increasing the duration and/or difficulty of our cardio sessions. But again, the key here though is that you’re simply increasing your cardio very gradually overtime to enable you to break through any plateaus you encounter so you lose belly fat successfully. That said, the extent to which you do so though will vary individually and depend on your lifestyle.

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As you apply the above 3 steps, you need to ensure that you’re not then compensating outside of these cardio sessions. So, to avoid this possible compensation from impeding your belly fat loss, you need to control and monitor 3 variables. First, your step count. Second, you need to be adhering to a regular weightlifting routine. And lastly, you need to monitor and control your calorie intake and ensure that you’re still adhering to a calorie deficit.

Now the last step here has to do with maintaining your new physique. Find a routine or hobby that you can now stick to that'll enable you to maintain your new bodyweight and physique with ease.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve covered on how much cardio is needed to burn belly fat:

Step 1 (Baseline): Start at a low baseline level of cardio.

Step 2 (Increase): In gradual increments, increase the duration/difficulty of your weekly cardio sessions every time you reach a plateau.

Step 3 (Control): Control all other variables and keep them consistent (weights routine, daily steps, calorie intake) to avoid compensating for your cardio sessions.

Step 4 (Maintain): After you’ve successfully stripped off the belly fat, find a routine that’ll enable you to maintain your new bodyweight and physique.

Just keep in mind that you need to be pairing your cardio routine with a regular weightlifting routine and a solid nutrition plan, as these will both help speed up the process and ensure that you don’t just end up “skinny fat” by the end of your fat loss journey. And for a step by step plan that shows you exactly how to do this by optimizing your workouts, nutrition, and cardio plan for you such that you can lean down as efficiently as possible with science, just like countless of our members have done with their Built With Science programs, then simply take the analysis quiz below to discover which specific program is best for your body and where it’s currently at:

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*The scientific contents of this video have been proof-read and verified by published researcher Dr. K Rayani, PhD in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

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  1. Let’s try this again :). For those unaware of why I re-uploaded this, in the last version of this video I made a poor oversight and error on my part with regards to some of the research that was presented, and also just didn’t present the cardio plan in a way that would best help/guide the viewer to long term success. I’ve made those corrections and improvements in this video. In addition, I’ve taken the initiative of having the application of the scientific research in this video proof-read by a published researcher in the field (Dr. K. Rayani, PhD in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology) to help minimize the chances of oversights on my end from happening again. Future videos that are heavily reliant on scientific research will be proof-read by Dr. Rayani (or someone else credible in the field) before publishing. Again, I’m glad that I made those mistakes in the last video as it forced me to take the necessary action to further improve the quality and credibility of my videos, which I feel is extremely important given the size of my audience and the type of content that I put out. I’m bound to make mistakes, I’m only human. But as a content creator I’m dedicated to continue learning, growing, and improving from those mistakes, I owe that to all of you. Thank you for all of your continued support. Enjoy!

  2. Jeremy is really trying his best to stay real and accurate. He admits when he’s wrong and tries to learn from his mistakes. Mad respect to him for apologizing and even remaking the video.

    1. @Michael Orsini greg isnt that spews for views he just reviews other people content to make sure the audience is getting helpfull advice, and the times greg gives fitness advice are basicly all on point he just doent do it more because he has is own training regime that he doesnt want to give for free but he still gives good advice and hindsight when reviewing other people so in the end u still get good info from him

  3. I’m one of those weirdos that actually loves cardio, so cutting is easy for me. I have a hard time doing less when I’m trying to bulk up..

    1. You need to eat more if your doing intense cardio on a bulk but if you hike then find out how many calories you are burning and eat that many

    2. @Chad C. Chadwick well that explain things, I’d love to just disappear into the beautiful nature every once in a while and lose some fat in doing so too.

  4. Even before he apologized, I always got the feeling that Jeremy was a good guy wanting to do right. Mad props to him for owning his mistakes which is rare in the fitness industry today.

    1. He’s still wrong lmao. On a carbohydrate metabolism it is very hard to stay lean without exercising. On a fat metabolism no exercise is needed to stay in shape. The government lied to everyone about fat being bad. The obesity epidemic started ever since the government recommended the low fat as healthy back in the 90s.

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