Workout to Get Lower Abs Fast (7 MINUTES!)

If you want to get lower abs fast you are going to need to do a couple of things that are especially important. First, you will need to get your nutrition cleaned up. Due to the fact that most men and many women tend to store fat in their lower abdomen it is often the last to come off and therefore requires a higher dedication to eating right to get rid of it. Second, many people don’t train their lower abs correctly or simply don’t have the strength to do lower ab workouts right.

While it is anatomically impossible to isolate the lower abs from the upper abs and get them to contract independent of the other, it is possible to influence the fiber activation of one area over the other. This is due to the fact that the different areas of the abdominals have different nerve innervation and that there is evidence to support that movements the are initiated with the pelvis moving towards the shoulders can recruit better fiber activation of the lower abdominal region.

That said, there is a big downside to lower ab, bottom up exercises. The fact that these moves require that you lift the weight of your legs makes them instantly more challenging and demanding than top down shoulder to pelvis ab exercises. What winds up happening is those whose lower abs aren’t strong enough wind up overtaxing their hip flexors and not getting enough work for their abs.

This lower ab workout solves this problem.

By incorporating hip flexor relief exercises in between the classic exercises for lower abs that involve lifting the legs, one is able to tolerate the moves better and get through the whole ab workout. In the long run, this allows you to build up the strength of your abs and get better at the workout. There are three levels of ability provided in this lower abs workout.


Beginners perform the hip flexor dominant ab exercises for 15 seconds and immediately follow this with a 15 second rest before moving onto the next movement.

Intermediates perform the exercises for 20 seconds and immediately follow this with a 10 second rest before moving onto the next lower ab exercise.

Advanced perform the ab exercises for 25 seconds and take just 5 seconds rest before proceeding to the next exercise in the ab workout.

That said, when it comes to the hip flexor relief exercises, all performers of the workout regardless of their ability level are doing to perform the exercises for 25 seconds with 5 seconds rest due to the fact that the weight of the legs has been taken out of the equation.

When the 3 minute lower ab workout is complete, take a one minute rest and then get back in there again and repeat for a second round. In total, this workout will target your lower abs better and do the job fast. You can complete this ab workout in just 7 minutes. It is recommended that you do some type of ab training at least 4-5 times per week. That said, you can train your abs daily and not have to worry about overtraining provided you are following a brief but focused ab workout like this.

The specific workout for lower abs looks like this:

1A. Figure 8’s
2A. Bicycle V-Ups (Hand Spotted for Beginners)
3A. 3-Way Seated Ab Tucks

1B. Lower Ab Swipes
2B. Heaven Presses
3B. KTE Crunches

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Complete all reps without resting during your time (determined by your ability level above). Alternate between A and B exercises until all 6 are completed.

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  1. ATHLEAN-X™ says:

    *NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A* – Got a question about training or injuries that I didn’t cover in the video? Leave yours (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!) below and I’ll pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

  2. Drew Dunnihoo says:

    I’m going into my sophomore year of high school. I’m considering doing cross country running but I do not want it to kill my gains at all. What would you recommend Jeff?

    • Ash May PT says:

      Hey man, cross country running and building muscle are completely counter goals, so doing one will always effect the other to some degree.

      So if you don’t want to lose any gains at all, don’t do it, if you just want to minimise the loss, prioritise your training and food for hypertrophy and limit the amount of cross country you do.

      Hope that helps!

  3. ilay says:

    Future videos from The PERFECT series that we all want:

    The PERFECT push workout
    The PERFECT pull workout
    The PERFECT upper body workout
    The PERFECT calves workout

    • Brent Addie says:

      I have bad tendinitis in my right arm. I feel your pain. When I train arms, chest, and shoulders I wear an elbow sleeve and it helps a lot. It still bothers me at night by keeping me up and waking me up all through the night but it’s something I’ve just learned to live with by taking a couple Advil before I go to sleep and wearing KT-Tape to bed as well

    • Rider4life76 says:

      @fidi, I’m no expert but I had tennis elbow and everything hurt. Every time I went to curl or do pull ups, I couldn’t do them because of that. What I did to get rid of mine is used compression elbow pads and went down in weight for curls and nurtured it til they felt stronger to go heavier.
      As for the pull ups I basically did the same but did 2 pull up a day till I felt comfortable doing more without injuring again. Now I can do everything without it hurting even increasing my weight. Oh and I went to 10lbs of weight before I’m happily doing 45s again and from 2 pulls a day now I’m doing 4 sets of 12 reps of pullups. GL

  4. Tarek Khawam says:

    2:28 Figure 8‘s x15s | x20s | x25s
    2:42 Lower Ab swipes (hip flexor relief) x25s
    3:04 Bicycle V ups x15s | x20s | x25s
    3:22 Heaven Presses (hip flexor relief) x25s
    3:33 3 way seated ab tucks x15s | x20s | x25s
    3:50 KTE crunches (hip flexor relief) x25s

    4:20-7:28 Full follow along

  5. Patrik Zbránsky says:

    Hey Jeff. It is actually more a humble request than a a question. Can you, please, pin the questions that you answered, so it is easier to find them? It took my maybe an hour to load and find your answers in comment section for „10 min Home Biceps Workout“. Greetings from Slovakia!

    • Clyde Morallos says:

      @Kelley Sauer That doesn’t make sense if you’re just trying to hit a number and use running or fast walking or both to do so IMO. I’d rather do HIIT training 15 minutes thrice a week varying up the intensity as I or the person gets better each at handling the intensity.

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