Want to start doing your first set of pull ups in just 22 days? Well, if you watch this video and perform the workouts as written, you’ll be doing more pull ups in no time. This 22 day 0 to 5 workout for more pull-ups builds off of the tremendous success of our 22 day push up workout. The key to the timeline is that this workout progresses you through various exercises while demanding that you increase pull ups along the way.

It consists of three weeks of testing and non-testing days that will quickly build up your back, grip and arms while helping you develop the strength to do your first set of pull ups. You won't be asking how to do a pull-up anymore after following these tips.

The way these workouts are structured is by first establishing your max on an assistance exercise, the inverted row to failure in a single set. From here, you rest two minutes and attempt to perform a dead arm hang from a pull-up bar for as long as you possibly can.

Day 1 starts with a test day. Complete a single set of max inverted rows to failure in good form. Rest 2 minutes and then complete a set of dead arm hangs for as long as you can hold. Take this max number of rows number as this will be used on subsequent non-testing days to be sure you are gauging your pullup strength progress the right way.

On Day 2, we start a series of non-testing days. In these workouts, the goal is to perform a specific variation for the same number of reps that you did on your most recent testing day. You are allowed to rest/pause when you fatigue and you are advised to stop a few reps short of total muscle failure. This is to accommodate for the fact that you will be doing a lot of volume over the next few weeks.

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The second half of the non-test day workouts require that you go back to performing inverted rows, except this time you have to complete your maximum plus 40 percent (on the first non-test day) 50 percent (on the second non-test day) and 60 percent (on the third and final non-test day in a block). Again here, you do not have to perform these unbroken. You simply have to get them done, stopping 2-3 reps shy of failure and using rest/pause.

The blocks continue to progress and advance with each new testing day. Be sure to re-test your maximum number at the start of each new block since you will likely be increasing your overall strength meaning that your number is going to increase. Each block is based on the number of max inverted rows that you are able to achieve on the test day that precedes that block.

We continue in this fashion until we reach day 21 of the 22 day workout. Here, you are to complete one of two tests. Refer to the video for the specifics on how to compete the day 21 test. On day 22 we come back again only this time we’re testing our pull ups! This is where the hard work starts to pay off and you should start doing your first set of full pull ups!

Pullups are one of the best bodyweight back exercises you can do. The thing about them is that they can be quite discouraging when you don't have the strength to perform at least one rep. It isn't helpful to keep struggling to try and do pullups at home without a plan. Now, with this 22 day pullup workout, you have a step by step progression for getting not only your first rep of pullups but to get many more after that. You won't have to ask yourself ever again how to increase pullups if you follow this workout as instructed.

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It is not uncommon for those that follow the plan laid out here to go from 0 pullups to at least 3 and even 5 in just three weeks. Give this plan your all and you will be surprised at how easy pullups will become for you.

This 3 week workout will progressively overload your back, introduce you to exercise variations that will build not just your back, grip and biceps but help you develop that sought after v-taper look as well. If you’re looking to get make total body gains be sure to look at the ATHLEAN-X Training Systems available at athleanx.com.

Start trading in workout length for intensity and see how much bigger and stronger you can get with intense, intelligently programmed workouts just like this. For more videos on how to do more pull ups and build a bigger back and biceps, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.

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  1. Question for jeff: Can you make a hardest  workout ever.(whole body). (But for the elite people, the top of the montain.)That you will able to say with full confidence:” this is the hardest workout ever. Or you can see it as a test for how fit you are. A workout thats got everything included and mixed up from bodyweight to (heavy)weights, functional training, calisthenics, explosiveness etc. And testing your coordination, flexibility, stability, stamina and balance. Maybe in a form of a AFAP, AMRAP  or something else. (So not a program with each day different excercises divided over weeks or something just one hell of a workout.)

    1. The hardest workout is subjective to everyone. Your hardest could be easy to someone else…
      Just progressively make things more difficult for yourself.

    2. How about you try Jeff’s impossible beginner workout that has you squatting 85% of your 1RM for 10×10 with 1min rest. Hell, if thats a beginner workout whats his advanced version?

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