If you ever wondered what the perfect daily posture routine would be to get better posture then this is the video for you. Here I am going to show you a quick and easy daily posture plan to help you stand up straighter regardless of how many hours you may be spending sitting down right now.

We all know that sitting too much is not good. Not only does it wreak havoc on your body in the form of rounded shoulders, a forward head and low back pain but it also causes some systemic side effects that can make it harder to burn fat and stay at the appropriate weight.

In this video, I’m going to break down a simple to follow daily posture routine that you can do to fix your posture at home. It isn’t a long drawn out posture workout at home that is going to take you hours to do. In fact, this is an easy posture workout with no equipment to help undo the damage being done to your body by sitting too much.

So the first step in learning how to fix your posture is to do a simple bar hang first thing in the morning. I shared this tip in a previous video where I spoke of the benefits of decompressing your spine by hanging from a doorway pullup bar for just 60 seconds can have on your body.

If you don’t have a pull-up bar you can easily do this by pushing your hands down onto a countertop in your kitchen and lifting your body a bit. Be sure in both cases to keep your toes in contact with the floor to prevent the core muscles from tightening and getting in the way of the spinal effects you are after.

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At that point, the game plan shifts to how to incorporate posture correction exercises into the normal daily work flow to fix your posture. I understand that here, more than ever, people are often asked to do too much which gets in the way of their consistency and ever fixing this problem once and for all.

I like to abbreviate this system with the letters G, B and S. These stand for Grab, Bridge and Squat.

To make these posture exercises work all you have to do is set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes. When the timer goes off you are simply going to stand up and perform one of these moves. None of them will take you longer than a minute. When you are done, sit back down and resume working and reset your timer. The next time it goes off just stand up again and perform the next one in line. Keep rotating the posture correction exercises throughout the day ever 30 minutes.

If you happen to forget one or two, don’t worry. The key to your long term improved posture is to get in the habit of not just sitting without doing anything.

The Grab consists of placing your hands on your own butt. Heels of your palms on the top of your pelvis with the fingers running down the cheeks. Push forward to create extension of the hips while opening up your tight shoulders and allowing your hips flexors and chest to loosen up. Hold for just 15-20 seconds. Repeat one more time, this time actively contracting your glutes and scapular muscles to get into the position even easier. 20 seconds is all it takes here and then sit back down and resume working.

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The next time you will quickly lay on the floor to perform 5 reps to each side of the glute bridge and reach over. This powerful posture correction exercise is one that will awaken the glute muscles and allow you to reinforce hip flexor flexibility and thoracic spine mobility. Complete your reps and get right back to work once again.

Finally, the squat is the last exercise in the sequence in learning how to improve posture while at work. Instead of performing reps of squats however, you are actually going to be just sitting into a deep squat position. This opens the hips and helps to retain deep hip flexion capability, which is something that often times gets sacrificed in arthritic hips. Reach your arms up overhead and press them into the wall. See if you can eventually touch your hands together while keeping them pressed on the wall. 4-6 reps is enough here whether you can or cannot.

If you are working out right now that isn’t enough to undo the damage and get better posture. Even an hour and a half a day of training isn’t going to cut it. If you are sitting too much, exercises are needed to specifically help undo the damage. That said, face pulls are always something that could and should be added to your workouts in order to strengthen the postural muscles that are often too weak to work properly.

If you’re looking for a complete workout program that will fix your posture but also help you to build a ripped athletic body, be sure to head to athleanx.com and check out the plans that are best suited to your current goals.

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  2. Jeff u just changed my life by changing my posture. My confidence levels just shoot up ane i started feeling amazing and beyond all after following the strech and strength routine i got amazing results

  3. The problem is that we get used so fast to these unright positions and we only feel their negative impact when its already too late. Start to always keep a good posture NOW and not when problems occur!

    1. I keep trying to tell people this, and I keep getting excuses like “I do it when my back hurts, but it doesn’t work.” That’s when I facepalm and try to explain that it’s too late when you hurt. Then I get the classic copout “well maybe it works for you.”

    2. @Marijana CollateralDoe I’m speaking about in the moment. Folks wait until they throw their back out for the millionth time before remembering the exercises the physical therapist taught them, but at that point you’re way behind the curve. You need to do your stretches every damn day, whether you hurt or not. But yes, theres absolutely exercises you can do even when you’re bed ridden. Physical disabilities are not an excuse to not get your body moving.

    1. As somebody who recently recovered from a L5 Disc herniation which was due to sitting to long, I agree with your statement. Problem is that people will forget about it tommorrow.

    1. @F Jerez It’s usually the opposite, your brain associates the bed with sleep so you can feel too sluggish to work. But if you make yourself a cozy working corner in a different room, you won’t have the same problem.

    2. @F Jerez i dont know about that, if you find article about it, I would like to read it. But I do it mainly because it is sometimes hard for me to make myself to work, so without the need to get up and go sit to work it is easier to just start working

  4. This is awesome. Something like this at this time needed to be released given the amount of sitting we are doing at this time.

    If you’re reading this Jeff, can you do a video about a list of stretches we should all be doing not just to take care of ourselves but to increase range of motion in areas that tend to be tight or easily limited?

  5. Software developer here, having sometimes lot of back pain, but will follow this video and great tips for me…
    Definitely gonna change my Ergonomics of my Desk…

  6. Thanks Jeff my posture has improved tremendously. My confidence level boosted and I started feeling amazing after following the exercises and stretches routine with amazing results. You just changed my life!

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