LET'S BURN SOME CALORIES AND GET SHREDDED!! In this LEVEL 3 CARDIO WORKOUT video I will be taking you guys for a follow along ride to called maximum sweating! Running a bunch of miles are cool, but in my experience HITT cardio melts those love handles, muffin tops, bra bulges, and the extra layer of fat we have covering our abs. You have a 6 pack, its just underneath a few layers of stuff!This workout is a full body mover that consist of the following exercises: High knees that really get you going, jumping jacks which im sure you all know are my favorite to do, RIGHT AFTER burpees of course! as well as a few other exercises that'll get your core engaged, hamstrings an quads firing at max! and also your upper body will get some work with plank skiers, the burpees, etc. Once some of these new level 2 and level 3 workouts are finished, you guys will be getting ANOTHER 30 day fitness challenge! Enjoy this workout routine! Lets get to it!


  1. I SMELL WACK says:

    I’ve been doing your workouts for 2 months now and people are shocked about my results since I kept them on the low….I still have to grind even more to reach my sweet body goal….you’re legendary bro

    Keep making us strong and healthy:)

    • Neeraj Meghani says:

      I’m not an authority on the topic, but what I’ve gathered from the internet is that for fat loss, the ideal activity level should be moderate. In simpler terms, you should be straining yourself but you should not be out of breath. So like stay below your lactic threshold (avoid cramping your muscles).

  2. reng sayeed says:

    Ive been getting quite bored around the house after doing homework assignments after school and things like that so i just thought. Let’s do fitness 😀 im gonna try stick to it

  3. Chris Allen says:

    I started out with his 20 min cardio then worked my way up to his 30 min cardio. I didn’t think I was going to make it but I kept doing them everyday until I could finish each one. These are good!

  4. Looner Zoldick says:

    great exercises, but could I get some tips on breathing? I’m always confused when should I inhale and when i should exhale, i.e. while doing a burpee, how should I breath to maximize my exercise?

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