Y3T Chest Workout | Neil Hill

Hey everyone, I bring to you a Y3T Chest Day. Y3T was designed by Neil Hill. Every so often, i get a workout from Neil and I want to show you how it's done. Clanging and Banging show at a new gym. UFC Gym in Orange, NJ

498 Main St.
Orange, NJ 07050

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👉Here's a link to My Chest Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1MUMsD4NDA&list=PLyJuRotx1SLzi0YHhKfGT8Z2lEnirwvJ_
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10 thoughts on “Y3T Chest Workout | Neil Hill

  1. Bethany Kay Fitness says:

    Those flys in the end was definitely a great finisher. I liked your little gun show in the mirror!!!

    • Ian Heydecke says:

      Thank you. The Gun Show and some flexing got my muscles filled with blood and pump is real. Pec Deck is definitely a great finisher and sometimes I use it as a great starter

    • Ian Heydecke says:

      Thank you my dude. Much Appreciated. I’m glad you’re a supporter and wait to you see what’s next!!

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