10 min LOWER ABS Workout | Lose Lower Belly Fat – At Home Workout

Hey guys, welcome to this awesome 10 min LOWER ABS Workout | Lose Lower Belly Fat ❤

This at home lower abs workout requires no equipment and will target that lower belly muscles! We are getting you that toned lower abs today 😁 10 min is all you need for this workout. It is perfect as a finisher or if you just want a quick abs workout.

This workout is really going to help you to get that strong and sexy ab muscles! Do this workout at home, no equipment needed!

Give this workout a try and let me know how you felt!

The structure for this workout:
– 7 exercises (30s ON, 10s OFF)
– x2 SETS
– 30s rest between sets

Remember this is your workout, we are all different and it’s important for you to have fun while working out. We want to make this a lifestyle and the only way to succeed is to enjoy what you are doing. If you need to stop and take a longer break, just pause the video. This is a no judgement zone ok!

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Enjoy your workout! Till next time…see ya!❤

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