If you are looking for a home dumbbell workout to get jacked, then this is the video for you. It doesn’t matter if you have a full rack of dumbbells, a single pair, or even just one; this dumbbell workout is doable by anyone. The great thing about this home workout is that you are going to hit your entire body with no additional equipment outside of your dumbbells (not even a bench!)

For this total body workout, you are going to want to grab dumbbells that will allow you to fail in the 6-8 rep range for each exercise. If your dumbbell options are limited, not to worry, I have options for you too. If you find that your dumbbells are too light for a particular exercise, you will perform your reps to failure and then limit in order to achieve a more metabolic burnout. If your dumbbells are too heavy or you only have a single dumbbell available, you will be performing this workout with the exercise swap that allows for you to fail in that 6-8 rep range.

With this home dumbbell workout, the rest time if you are able to fail within the 6-8 rep range will be 90 seconds to 2 minutes. In the event that your dumbbell option doesn’t allow you to fail before 8 reps, you will be performing the exercise to failure and then drop your rest time to 45-60 seconds. This will help equalize the workout for everyone, no matter what access to dumbbells they have.

This first exercise, utilizing a single dumbbell, is the Clean Up and Overs. If you have access to two dumbbells, you will be performing the Clean and Press. These exercises will hit multiple muscle groups to start off the total body workout by targeting the shoulders, upper back, biceps, and legs.

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Next up is the Goblet Leg Sequence. This is a brutal dumbbell exercise sequence that will hit will your legs hard and effectively. Holding a single dumbbell in a goblet grip, you will perform a Reverse Lunge on each leg and then return to center before performing a dumbbell goblet squat. If you are utilizing two dumbbells, you would perform the same sequence while keeping the dumbbells at your sides.

Continuing this workout with dumbbells, you’ll be hitting the back and biceps next. To do this with just one dumbbell, you are going to perform the DB T-Bar Row. With access to two dumbbells, you will be performing the DB Dead Row. Utilizing your legs to initiate the movement and bring the dumbbells up to your knees before performing the row and then returning the weight to the floor.

To get jacked, this total body workout is rounded out by targeting the chest, shoulders, & triceps. To do this, you are going to perform, with a single dumbbell, a Crush Grip Floor Press. This exercise doesn’t utilize a bench, which allows for this to be a still effective home workout. With two dumbbells, your exercise swap would be the standard DB Floor Press. Both variations will still target the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

You have the option to round out this dumbbell workout by adding in some additional arm work. This accessory work will help to get jacked arms using just two exercises – one for the biceps and one for the triceps. These are the Single DB Tricep Floor Extensions / DB Tricep Floor Extensions and the DB Waiter Curl / Alt. DB Curl.

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This is what this total body dumbbell workout looks like if you want to jacked:

1. Clean Up and Overs / Clean and Press: 3 x 6-8 / Failure (rest 90 sec – 2 min / 45-60 sec)

2. Goblet Leg Sequence / Leg Sequence: 3 x 6-8 / Failure (rest 90 sec – 2 min / 45-60 sec)

3. DB T-Bar Rows / DB Dead Rows: 3 x 6-8 / Failure (rest 90 sec – 2 min / 45-60 sec)

4. Crush Grip Floor Press: 3 x 6-8 / Failure (rest 90 sec – 2 min / 45-60 sec)


5. Single DB Tricep Floor Ext. / DB Tricep Floor Ext.: 3 x 10-12 / Failure (rest 60-90 sec)

6. DB Waiter Curl / Alt. DB Curl: 3 x 10-12 / Failure (rest 60-90 sec)

This dumbbell workout will hit your entire body utilizing no extra equipment, making it the perfect option to help you get jacked at home. Each exercise was specifically selected to help train all of your muscles in a single workout without compromise.

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  2. I was just wondering how to do this! Many gyms are still closed where I’m from and I’ve already done Xero 2 twice over. This came just in time

    1. @Helude Raj Poor management of the situation and high cases. I’m from the Philippines and it’s one of the worst places to be right now. So many businesses have closed…gyms being some of the worst hit.

  3. Jeff is consistent. Every week, the message is always clear and concise. This is what every other channel in this field lacks…

    1. I agree optimistic, Jeff is all about training ur body to be the fittest it can be. No politics no attacking other fitness trainers no opinions on whats wrong with the world. Just training ur body with great no nonsense programs. Jeffs channel is a get away for me from the lunatics. At 66, ive followed Jeff for years and i truly believe his approach to training has helped me achieve a much healthier body and mindset as im reaching the golden years of my life. Again, thanx Jeff for all you do for us.

    1. @Alpha Omega Pretty ignorant view. There are plenty of ways to build muscle in less than an hour. Volume does not equal intensity. Just check out Vince Gironda’s 6×6 method.

    2. Isn’t it V.G.’s 8×8 which will leave you sweating, sore and ripped. Been using 8×8 for years right before summer to be shredded.

    3. Also advocating 10×10 with 80% with your 1RM with 1 min rest for fat loss what a wounderful advice

  4. Hell yeah. I was just thinking about planning out my new home workout routine and this may be exactly what I need. I’ll give it a try for a month or so, these exercises look refreshing – at least some are new to me.

  5. Awesome, as always Jeff!! And I got a pair of adjustables, so I can come back to this routine multiple times. Plus, this has direct arm work, which I feel the other routines were lacking. Nov is the last month of the beginner workout plan, so this is next up..

    1. idk if you do, but if you don’t I suggest you expand the people you watch just to get different perspectives

  6. Thank you! I needed this information. I love your full explanations on why and what stuff does. Also thank you for incorporating the single and double dumbbell options for us broke people

  7. This just totally works out for me as I was really searching for a good use for dumbells and the only content I prefer is from Jeff. Thank you!

  8. Yes, please. More like these. I am now able to perform these muscle/cardio builders now after almost 12 months of gradually increasing load and intensity and frequency of my workouts after 36 – 48 months of inactivity. I am rebuilding slowly but efficiently.

  9. Jeff you’re easily the GOAT in this industry. I’ve tried other dumbbell workouts from your channel along with diet changes you’ve mentioned and I constantly see massive change. The way you explain and back up everything you provide makes your content the best out there!

  10. When he says 3 sets 10-12 reps to failure, does he mean each set I want to fail by 10-12 reps or after 3 sets I should be failing?

  11. Thank you. this is great, and just what i have needed. I have to train at home, with the weights I have. I have worked out my own routine(s), but Jeff obviously knows a lot more than I do, and I can see how these will make an improvement for me! Thank you!

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