10 MINUTES INNER AND OUTER THIGH TONING WORKOUT | Beginner Resistance Band Leg Workout | Low Impact

10 MINUTES INNER AND OUTER THIGH TONING WORKOUT | Beginner Resistance Band Leg Workout | Low Impact

10 minutes inner and outer thighs workout. The low-impact workout with a resistance band is beginner-friendly. These exercises will help to tone inner and outer thighs without jumping. Resistance of the resistance band depends on the person's fitness levels, however in order to progress over time increase higher resistance. These leg strengthening exercises can help to tone and slim thighs.


10 minutes of work – 2 blocks of exercises. Each block has 5 exercises that are repeated for 30 seconds – 2 sets. There is no rest between exercises, however, if it is too intense take 30-60 second rest after the first 2 sets. For more advanced fitness levels increase the number of sets to 3 or 4.

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