3 Exercise Chest Workout for “MASS”

You have to give this 3 exercise chest workout a try. John Meadows will be taking you thorough this workout and let me tell you it might not look like much but you will definitely be feeling it the next day. Let us know how you liked it in the comments. thanks for watching and for the continued support of this channel.
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20 thoughts on “3 Exercise Chest Workout for “MASS”

  1. Alan Wrobleski says:

    Not only is john’s wisdom helping me become a better person overall, the things that he’s shared with all of us are making me believe in myself and my capabilities as well.

  2. Antonio Mazzella says:

    watching John has improved me both as an athlete and as a person because his gentle, polite ways are a great example in a world based on image and individualism

  3. Jeffery Doyle says:

    I regret fully not coming to this channel prior to John’s untimely passing. What a gentle, thoughtful and powerful man. Thank you to the family for continuing to share his knowledge with the world.

  4. Beerfornothing says:

    I would absolutely love a sleeveless shirt of John with that pitcutre from his youtube profile, no words just the picture. If that could ever be possible :). Much love

  5. Sabre Le says:

    Remember asking him for coach with bodybuilding, missed opportunity is a great reminder of how fragile time is.. completely rips me apart I didn’t take it seriously and actually made an effort to learn from him, now he’s gone.

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