Kettlebell Upper Chest Workout (Get THICKER & STRONGER Pecs) | Coach MANdler

Upper Chest Workout with Kettlebells! This is a great workout for toning and tightening your upper chest muscles. It also strengthens your core so it's a great workout if you're looking to burn calories and get thicker or fuller pecs! Let's go!

~The Workout~
[0:17] Banded Incline Bench (10 reps)
[0:44] Alternating From Top Incline Bench (5 reps/arm)
[1:03] Alternating From Bottom Incline Bench (5 reps/arm)
[1:20] Incline Bench (5 reps)
[1:39] Push Ups (failure)
[Do 3 Rds. – Rest 2-3 min. b/w each] ***Weight Used: 62 lb. Kettlebells**

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8 thoughts on “Kettlebell Upper Chest Workout (Get THICKER & STRONGER Pecs) | Coach MANdler

    • Ilya Zubov says:

      quote from the top message by coach himself: ***Weight Used: 62 lb. Kettlebells**
      Anyways, you should use weight you are comfortable with. For a beginner, 62lb (1lb=0.45 kg) kettlebells are way too heavy and may be even dangerous, you should start from half of such weight and then gradually go up.

  1. José Ramón Carrasco Fernández says:

    Congratulations on the channel. Can you train daily with a kettlebell in high intensity, short duration sessions?
    Thanks in advance.
    All the best.

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