Getting into bench press again slowly. Training is good and enjoyable. Back workout and deadlift.

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thank you guys for the support last year! this year i am extremely excited.

14 thoughts on “2 WORKOUTS | BACK + CHEST

  1. Maxim Timperman says:

    Love the vids, watched since the olden days. This content replenishes my drive for the sport thanks for being an inspiration.

  2. Leona Edwards says:

    Hey bro i just started getting into working out im 13 and you and david have given me super motivation to hitting the gym all the time i hope to look like you when im older

  3. moin says:

    Bro just wanna say you are an inspiration. What david laid were for others you are for me. One of the greatest ❤️

  4. Dann Quezada says:

    honestly seeing your videos gets me pumped for my next workout. i truly enjoy watching your videos for motivation. keep it up man

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