PERFECT Plank Form: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Here's how to plank with perfect plank form. Make these 3 simple tweaks the next time you plank during a core workout and I guarantee your core will activate far better than it ever has before. #shorts #shortsfeed #shortsvideo #shortsyoutube

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7 thoughts on “PERFECT Plank Form: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

    • Freund des Waldes says:

      You can. But the exercise itself is not very good if you wnat to grow your abs. Make some research. Planks are very overrated in terms of abs workouts.

    • Freund des Waldes says:

      @Omid Ansari It does, yes. And the tips he gives are also very good. Found myself doing one mistake as well back in the past, when I used to do that exercise.

  1. B.E.C.K. says:

    Shoulders above elbows as well. You can make plenty of gains off of a plank based workout if you know what your doing.

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