I’m Not Who You Think I Am..

I want you to know the REAL me.

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Living With Bully

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15 thoughts on “I’m Not Who You Think I Am..

  1. ReadyGaming says:

    I met this dude long time ago when I got discharged from the military we had a short breath conversation but he just a regular person but with motivation

  2. Jamel Valentine says:

    You are the man you have helped me through my hardest times in life. Thank you and I appreciate your dedication and hard work keep on grinding.

  3. InStrong Workout says:

    Man you are definitely one of the best motivators that I know.
    Thanks to you I found my passion in filming workout videos so keep it up! Your channel helped to lots of guys and that’s really important

    • Bboy Loretto says:

      H wait you in Texas rite ? Bro I have some homies who are graffiti artist if you ever need one I can refer you for any artwork you need

  4. Flux - Crucified Cursed Outcast says:

    i have been following this guy’s workouts for almost a year now. This brother is an inspiration to everyone who wants to get in shape. Love from the Philippines❤❤.

  5. Peggy Russell says:

    I have been following you for a couple of months now and I am inspired by your family values and your accomplishments. Thank you. ❤

  6. Big Manny Sr says:

    Brother Bully, I’ve been with you for a few years now, as I discovered your channel during the COVID lockdown. I’ve expressed to you before how much you’ve helped my wife and I get back into shape with the variations of bodyweight exercises. I thank God for men and people like you in general. The new gym wall color is significant…it speaks to the light and inspiration you’ve introduced into so many lives my brother. Stay encouraged and keep up the great work! May God continue to bless you and your wife and daughters and family! Much love, respect and appreciation!

  7. Train or Die Productions says:

    I didn’t think you were Superman. You are though, a leader and you are inspirational. Thank you for who you are and what you do. You have helped everyone who’ve touched.

  8. Sid123e says:

    I’ve been following your workouts for nearly 3 years now. I started just before the pandemic kicked in. Glad I found you then as you kept me motivated during the pandemic. I regularly follow the 30 mins dumbbell workout. That ones my favourite. 2nd favourite is the 45 mins 1000 calorie video. Yeah baby. Next challenge to start from Monday 30th Jan is the 60 day workout challenge. Let’s go baby.

  9. Freddy Morris says:

    Being retired military myself, that OPSEC, took me back…lol
    You and the love you have with your family, is true inspiration! Your workout videos are everything. I started your 60 day workout challenge on 1/4/23 and I’m down 11.4lbs right now. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!!!

  10. DanBB says:

    Hey Bullyjuice, I’m a long time viewer from the days you said you were going to serve in the military for 20 years. I remember when you had a mental shift and decided it wasn’t for you. I’ve waited years for the video where you explained why you didn’t want to be in the AF anymore and am still really curious on your issues that you dealt with in the AF that made you leave the service. Love the content as usual, Brotha

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