Kettlebells Don’t Build Muscle?

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60 thoughts on “Kettlebells Don’t Build Muscle?

  1. Swing This Kettlebell and Strength says:

    you can build plenty of dense muscle with kettlebell training if you know what you are doing. it does take experience and thinking outside the box of course. you need all tools for total body development. maximal strength etc is best developed with BARBELL of course  but I have lots of success with kettlebell as  my predominant resistance tool. in  Girevoy Sport (kettlebell Sport ) lifting , Masters of Sport Rank men use 2x32kg kettlebells (70lb) to compete with clean and jerk up to 10 min at a time. For those that do not want to try the 10 min sets, there is StrongSport  competition using kettlebells up to 106 or more lbs for clean and jerk up to 4 min at a time, Most people just think of the kettlebell as a cardio tool …  besides Arnold and Kai s physiques definitely were built on alot more than weights…… if you know what i mean .its all in how you use it.

    • Swing This Kettlebell and Strength says:

      @tritone11  i apologize i meant BARBELL  i don’t know how your the first one who caught that.   i went back and edited it!  good catch!

    • mani N says:

      Lovely video content! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried – Chireetler Kettlebell Miracle Rule (should be on google have a look)? It is a great one off guide for learning some amazing kettlebell challenge workouts minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got great success with it.

    • RLE82 says:

      @mani N
      “It is a great one off guide for learning some amazing kettlebell challenge workouts minus the hard work.”

      minus the hard work?? wtf, the hard work is what builds you as a person… stop being a fucking snowflake and put in the hard work.

  2. sinchi558 says:

    Thx God for kettlebells, make you strong, full of stamina, and healthy. Bodybuilding…..mmm make your body slow and clumsy, and too much chemical assistance for my taste. Regards.

    • alan place says:

      Hate to cite a childish source but WWE stars body build. they lift weight to gain muscle. And they’re pretty quick and co-ordinated. How else do they put on the shows they do?

    • sinchi558 says:

      @alan place Wrong WWE stars mix strength and conditioning workouts, bodybuilding concentrate in muscle hypertrophy, in other words you can’t compare The Undertaker with Kai Green. Totally different aproach to training.Wrestlers/Entertainers are not bodybuilders. Good day.

    • alan place says:

      My point wasn’t that Wrestlers are body builders, my point was that they have muscle mass and speed.
      Any exercise that increases muscle mass is body building. The difference is application.
      Be happy.

    • sinchi558 says:

      @alan place I have nothing against muscle mass, there are several methods to achieve that, the point is that KB’s make you strong, nimble and fast, without the extra bulk of another methods. That’s all. Good day.

    • Jason mraz says:

      @alan place I am not sure if you know this and you are very ignorant if you don’t but body builders like WWE stars etc are on a whole host of steroids, growth hormone and good knows what else. They are far from natural.

  3. savgal1211 says:

    Russian farmers in the 1700’s used Kettlebells as a weight of measure and town  s people started noticing how tough and STRONG the men were!! So, the Soviet Army started training with them, and Navy Seals train with them!! 

  4. Larry Goodman says:

    I love using kettle bells and when I went from doing workouts from using dumbbells …. I noticed I huge increcreace in strength , but I know that’s because the kettle bell hits muscles you don’t hit with other equipment

  5. ChamorruWarrior says:

     Kettle Bells are REALLY good for people who are training to DO something with their bodies instead of people who want huge, inefficient muscles. If you’re a martial artist, gymnast or dancer or something. Something that requires you to use your body in that kind of way. 

    • Punished Jim Jones _ says:

      @Large Coke getting jacked is cool and all if you want to be just an everyday guy, but if you want too be efficient and effective then yea just bench pressing isn’t the best thing, if you want functional muscles then you gotta move them in different and flexible ways….so yea if you want your arms a foot out from your body and scare your normal guy then cool, but the second there is that one dude who knows a little bit of jiu jitsu or God for bid you come by a wrestler, then you will see true strength

  6. Red Flag S&P says:

    I love it when guys with beer guts and cheesy, Doritos stained fingers comment on fitness videos and tell the poster he is doing something wrong because in another YouTube video someone said to do it a different way.

    • Aldo Hector Ortiz says:

      @Aaron ___ you know man.. let be honest! Most of the very good build guys showing tutorials train their whole life in the gym with heavy weights and machines and they started just a few years with kb’s! Believe me they still train in the gym. You won’t be a monster with only kb traininings! You won’t build great mass but.. you’ll get better cardio and strength and loose fat!

  7. 60 Second Superhero says:

    I’ve never met someone who worked with kettlebells consistently who didn’t have epic forearms. Maybe not Strongman level forearms, but Popeye level for sure. They’ve helped my structural integrity during recovery so much.

  8. reg profant says:

    To say kettlebells don’t build muscle is absurd. It’s weight is it not? Any weight,be it a tire, barbells, dumbbells, sandbags,bodyweight or anything else you can come up with is weight in different forms requiring different functions of action. Thus building muscle for different functional endeavors. How you train with whatever weight equipment you choose determines how your muscles develope. You can sit and argue about a hammer all day and it still won’t do the job when a screwdriver is needed.

  9. Bryce Solomon says:

    I used to do heavy lifting till I had a trainer introduce to KB workouts. I was hesitant at first but boy did I feel a burn in my muscles/body I’d never felt from just Olympic style lifting. In 30-45 minutes I could do a total body workout and be covered in sweat and “skip” the cardio. I’d honestly recommend KB workouts if you’re doing a lean/cut phase as your muscles will look more defined and you won’t lose any mass. That’s just my 2 cents on the topic.

  10. Christopher Bradbury says:

    He doesn’t say it ‘doesn’t build muscle’ he says that if you want to build a huge bodybuilder body then kettle bells just aren’t heavy enough. He’s right, they’re not. They are a resistance cardio tool. I use them daily, they are great! But it seems like Elliot isn’t knocking the bell’s, he’s just making the point you aren’t going to look like Kali from just using them. Which is factually correct.

  11. Art Clark says:

    People!!! He’s NOT saying you won’t build muscle with kettle bells!  He’s just saying if that’s all you use, you won’t be winning any Mr. Universe titles.

  12. daddy eyez says:

    Understand much of the knock on kettlebells is because too many people decided they’re for something that they’re not. Eliot is right, they’re not intended to make you look Lee and Arnold. They’re aimed at building lean yet powerful muscles with endurance, strength endurance, power endurance and stamina. Think Army ranger/ Marine Force recon/Navy seal fit as opposed to powerlifter fit. When people realize this they’ll be disappointed less.

  13. Aldo Hector Ortiz says:

    Kettlebells build muscles but you need alot of different kb’s from light to very heavy for chest, shoulder .. exercises! The problem is they cost alot man! If i get the ones i need i lose a few hundreds bucks!!

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