What Other Trainers Will Not Tell You: Building Huge Quads. Leg Press Done Right.

Moji & The Miami Muscle Team

What’s up guys. Lots of people always ask me to make videos on chest, shoulders traps back, you name it, and I always tell them that those videos have already been done in the much more better format, better than the ones you see on my youtube channel. The whole idea behind Manny muscle is to help you make shaping and building your muscle much more easier to follow and understand as well as workout schedule and nutrition plan that fits your body type. We also have professionally produced videos with multiple camera angles and state of the art animation that will show you the range of motion from one exercise to the other. As a certified personal trainer, I’m going to make sure I keep you safe and make sure you do the exercise the right way. I’ll be there guiding you along the way. And most of all, all our exercises I’ve been doctors approved. Each video shows you correct form along with common mistakes, so it also allows you to download pictures from our website so you can take it along with you, with you to the gym as a guide. So check out this video, it will give you an idea of what to expect from our tutorials.

okay, now we’re going to do leg press. Leg Press I’ll say is a little variation with squats. It’s more for building your size in your quads without really putting any stress on your joints at all. And the one common mistake that I see with these exercises, once again, too much weight, people will load too much weight there. So make sure you always stay within your goal. Forget about who is trying to impress who cause you’re there to train and build muscle. Leg press is more like doing squats, but now you’re on your back. When you’re doing squat, your feet placement is the same. You know, you’re just pointing your toes out slightly. [inaudible] if you turn your toes in, I’ve heard guys heel Tanya toes and you’re going to feel it more on the inside or the outside. This is very bad cause when you turn your toes in, your knees are going to rotate inward.

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And this is what we’re trying to avoid. You don’t need to turn your toes in Australia. Just put your feet up on the pack or the plate like you just standing and you want to do a squat. So the one to another common mistake that I see is they’re going too fast, straight up and down, and their knees are bending and they’re locking their knees out. So I’m going to show you a few of these common mistakes and then I’ll show you the proper form. What guys do in Atlanta on a leg press machine, they push off, roll it out, and is that other, the LED’s are too far out. All their legs are too far in what they do. That niece comes in and it’s on. Sometimes some of them put your hands right here and they’re doing this. That’s all they’re doing. They’re barely going down, they’re just bending the knees.

I did not feel in, there’s nothing going on in the muscle right now. You’re going to be able to lift a lot of weight, but you’re not going to really be able to load your quads properly. So the proper way of pricing your feet is you want to always go shoulder width just like you’re doing squats and make sure your toes are slightly point out towards your shoulders. And I see some guys drop their heels. Your feet to down goes to the bottom. What this will do, if you come down, your knees will roll over your toes and this is so bad for your knees, just like doing squats and going, allowing your knees to go over your toes. When you go too high, what’s going to happen is right there, my toys off. I’m just going to be pushing down too much in my hips.


So the most important thing is find your medium. Everybody’s comfortable. Medium is different. Play with it a little bit and you will find that happy medium where you need to place your feet. So when you’re coming down, you want to come down really slow right about there and make sure your knees are pointing to your shoulders, not in, not too far out. 22 your shoulders control. And when you get to the top, please don’t lock your knees. When you lock your knees, you’re not only deloading the muscle, you also put in too much stress, you know on your knee from behind so you hyper extending your knees. So when you get to the top, make sure you maintain that knee bend so that knee bed is going to make sure you keep more load going into the quads. So you want to control, push through your heels, come down.

Once your quads kind of make contact with your ribcage, that’s when you know you want to push out. Come down really slow. Maintain your shoulders and your knees pointing towards your shoulders and come up and extend to not lock your knees at the top. Bend your knees pointing to the shoulders really slow and push through your to push through your heels. Squeeze. But don’t lock your knees. So you always want to keep your hips on the pack. Don’t allow it to roll off or because when he rolls upward, you put two more stress in your lower bad. So make your, make sure your blood is red on the pack. You go down really slow and then you press up and when you’re done, just push with our locking your knees and then we hang it there. So make sure you remember all this little tips.


Don’t put too much weight on the on the machine and make sure your knees and are going in your knees angles to what your shoulder and you want to go shoulder with. Sometimes the guys that are taller, who, why their legs are a little bit so they can have more range of motion and that’s how you do a leg press. If you want to get serious about your training and get your body to the best shape of your life, consider being a mommy muscle member today. I can get video tutorials for the whole body is inexpensive, is a one time fee. So I always say these all the time. My mind and muscle is that we make things simple and easy to follow. Complexity is the enemy of execution and herring. Mommy muscle will make things easy for you to follow so you can understand how to build your muscle and get in the best shape of your life. More joy. Go off of minding muscle. I’m out.

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    One of the very best tutors on the web. This machine has potential injury to your hip and back. This tuition however is the best out there and will help you avoid injury.Excellent piece

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    Thanks, this was super helpful! The animated lines make it easier to understand the ideal angles to maintain. Also, you clarified why I’ve been experiencing pressure on one of my knee caps while doing LPs… feet too low.

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    Too many guys putting too much weight.. they’re thinking they’re so smart & powerful and they doing it wrong “pending their knees” and muscles they don’t feel nothing!

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