3 Exercises to get a NICE Muscular Butt FAST

So you want some big strong glutes, Huh? Well, you’re in the right place. I’m going to show you exactly how to achieve that pretty damn fast. What’s going on guys? Welcome back to my channel. It’s Brett Maverick here. I hope you all are having an awesome day so far. So a lot of guys I’m sure are into glutes on girls, but they neglect their own when in fact they’re really attracted to women as well as men, but also they just make your body look more aesthetic. They make you look stronger, more masculine, more grounded as well as more symmetrical. If somebody’s looking at you from the side, you want them to see a little bit of muscle popping out, right? You don’t want them to see a stick figure. So I got my personal three best glute exercises to get you some nice strong glutes pretty damn fast.

And just real quick guys, I got to mention that I actually am dropping a full physique program on January 1st the new year. It’s called the male model physique program. So get ribs, get muscular with me on January 1st I’ll put the link in the description, click that, go get on the list and you’ll be notified when that comes out. But without further ado, let’s get into those three exercises. Number one is wide stance squats and I actually prefer to do these on the Smith machine and you’ll see why in just a second. So since you probably haven’t done this before, what you want to do is start with some moderate weight on each side of the bar. Then you actually take a few inches wider than shoulder length stance and you actually stuck forward a bit in front of the bar. The reason for having a wide stance is you’re actually stretching apart that muscle fascia allowing for more blood to be pumped into your glutes, making those muscle fibers tear apart, which means they’ll grow back bigger and stronger.

And the reason for stepping forward in front of the bar is you’re actually canceling out any activity from your quads. All the weight is distributed into your posterior chain, meaning your hamstrings and your glutes and a little bit of your calves. And then you just rep it out, pushing through your heels all the way up and all the way down as two graphs, and you can actually go really heavy with these because your glutes are actually a really stubborn and dense muscle belly, so you got to hit him really hard and really heavy to make them grow. The reason for this is because you use them every single time you walk, so they’re used to those lightweight movements, so you’ve got to hit it with something heavy and hard that sounded wrong. So I recommend at least three sets of 10 repetitions, heavyweight, and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn and probably be sore the next day.

Next exercise on the list is reverse lunge Nia ups. I also like to use the Smith machine for this exercise because it allows you to easily get your body in front of the weight, hence again, allowing you to distribute the weight into your glutes rather than your quads. So to do this exercise, you load a moderately heavy weight onto the Smith machine. You can use a bar if you want, but I use the Smith machine. Then you do a reverse lunge. That means instead of taking a step forward in front of yourself, you take a step with your rear leg backwards. It’s also helps distribute the weight into your posterior chain rather than your quads. So you do a reverse lunch with one of your legs, putting all of your weight onto that rear leg, focusing on your glutes. And then with one fluid motion, you take that same leg and bring it up as high as you can into the air in front of you.

This allows for a full stretch of those muscle fibers allowing more blood to be pumped in that you can actually exhaust those muscle fibers, breaking them apart and letting them grow back bigger and stronger. So what I like to do is 10 repetitions with one leg and then 10 repetitions to the other and do at least three sets of this and you’ll definitely be seeing some gains. All right. And that brings us to our last exercise and probably the most common, but for good reason, it’s weighted hip thrusters. So to do this, you load a barbell up with moderate to heavy weights. Then you want a bench, you put your shoulders on the bench, then you have the weight laying across your pelvis and your hips. You can actually hold onto the bar with your hands for security and stabilization, but then you raise your hips all the way up and then all the way back down to the floor and you do this 10 times in a row, squeezing your glutes the whole time through.

This exercise is awesome because it pretty much completely isolates your glutes. There’s a little bit of hamstrings and maybe a little bit of calves in there, but it’s primarily your glutes doing all the work, so they’re going to get all the growth. What we’re utilizing most is flection because when we put our ass back down to the ground, you’re allowing for your glute muscles to stretch apart and then when you raise your butt back in the air, you’re actually compressing those muscle fibers to part getting full flection of your glute muscles. So those muscle fibers have no choice but to make room for the flection by breaking apart, which is what we get growth from, breaking apart those muscle fibers. So they grow back bigger and stronger. Like I say all the time, that’s what fitness and bodybuilding is forcing your body to adapt to stress.

So I recommend at least three sets of 10 repetitions, and just like the other exercises, you can go really heavy. So you’ve got to hit it hard and heavy. Oh, sorry. The three exercises. Take advantage of these, work these into your leg days and you’ll definitely be seeing some growth in no time. Don’t forget guys, I got a full physique program coming out January 1st. Awesome results guaranteed. So click on the link in the description, get on the list and let’s make some major shit happen. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you haven’t already subscribed from posts, notifications on, and until next time, peace out.

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