How to Build Muscle at Planet Fitness

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51 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle at Planet Fitness

    • SOXBSTRONG says:

      I want to know what PF everybody else is going to cuz the two ive been to, it seems like theres way more jacked up people then fat asses and skinny weak people. I consider my self stronger then avg people on the street but at my PF… most of the people I work out near are huge and way stronger then me. Also I hear people grunt and the people that work there don’t even care. the lunk alarm has gone off and everyone just laughs and the employees didn’t even do anything. Guess I should be happy with the pf near me.

  1. Chris Goomba says:

    OK so i decided to step into the lion’s den and joined planet fitness last month. about a month into my membership i think i have had enough time to formulate an opinion so here is what i have.

    – The planet fitness i go to is in south jersey and when i joined they told me the lunk alarmed wasn’t ever even functional at that place and they just didnt think it was needed considering it was right next to the dumbbell rack where most of the lifters went. Which leads me to my next statement, they DON’T KICK PEOPLE OUT. the people that work there says it happens really rarely and to be fair even if you do grunt you’ll barely be heard because the music there is loud.

    – I joined it because it was just 10 bucks a month which is a Godsend. It was right within my budget so it was a no brainer and had pretty much everything that all other gyms do in terms of fitness, plus it has a locker room and shower.

    -I has no aspirations to be a body builder or get super ripped like Kali Muscle. I go there to bulk up and add some strength and mass to my body. and since im like 5’8 5’9 i dont have to worry about the amounts of weight that is available (The dumbbells do up to 75lbs) which is fine by me and is heavy enough. I’ve seen many guys bigger than me not even go past 50-60lbs so why are people complaining about dumbbell weight when most of yous who arent serious weight lifters wont even lift one 60lb dumbbell?

    All in all if you’re wanting to get into becoming stronger Planet fitness is ideal for you to start. and if you wish to stay then stay, if not you can cancel and work your way up to the gym. alot of you gym rats are whining and complaining like they’re FORCING you to join. they cater to an audience and though i do not really care for their market i just go in…workout….and go. nothing more and nothing less.

    • Shanna Mac 39 says:

      Exactly. In some areas it is the only gym available with decent hours. To get started its good so you can get familiar with the exercises and form prior to getting home equipment or finding a more serious no nonsense dungeon. Guys, in worked for the parent company of gold gym, and a gym is what you make of it. Yes some gyms have better equipment but it’s all designed on who the market is. More Army and other military nearby, or one near a college or high end high school football program, they will have everything and then some. Your best places will be the small mom and pop gyms but again, these places have limited hours.

  2. AshyOne says:

    Ive been going to PF for about a year now and made pretty good gains. Yes I admit to currently looking for a more serious weight lifting gym, I am now willing to drive 30 minutes to a better gym now that I truly need heavier weights and a real bench press. The funny thing about seeing all of these PF hater comments is the fact that half the people commenting are no where near the size of most of the people i see lifting at my PF (which is pretty chill, the lunk alarm is rarely used and people show up wearing pretty much anything). The PF hate is just a way for all the insecure lifters to feel more legit.

    So tl;dr
    ignore all of the PF haters, chances are you will still make progress in a PF, especially if you are new to lifting.

  3. Fit Mate says:

    I used to go to la fitness before joining planet fitness. The thing I disliked about la fitness was when it would get overpacked with people whether it’s in the morning or evening it doesn’t matter. Also it would be hard to find a parking spot lol. Not to mention they closed at 11pm. So I tried planet fitness. Doesn’t have free weight benches, swimming pool or sauna room but it was much cheaper, not to mention its opened 24 hrs 7 days a week which fit my schedule. Both gym has its pros and cons I basically join planet fitness because it’s opened 24 hrs. If la fitness was 24 hrs also I would definitely go back. You can make gains at both gym. I however am more cutt and have more physique at planet fitness than la fitness. Doesn’t matter the gym as long as you put in the work and effort.

  4. Appelcaster says:

    It’s not really as bad as people think it is. Yeah there’s no barbells. Yeah there’s pizza some days. The one I go to does allow deadlifts in the smith machine. Take from that what you will. But really, not everyone that goes to any gym wants to be a body builder or a fitness model. Some folks just need a place to get some cardio and light resistance training. It’s a lot better than sitting on the couch.

  5. myEcon Strategies - Paul Yeager - The Guardian says:

    Smith-Machine at PF – you can really load the weight on there. As far as dumbbells that stop at 65-75lbs, if you can handle the max weight start shortening rest periods between sets or do those exercises later in your workout when the muscle is more exhausted, supersets, intensity techniques, etc. You can put on some size at PF! Smith-Machine squats, deadlifts and bench presses, you can load well over 500lbs to the bar. 🙂 hope this helps anyone looking to build, strength, power and size at PF!

  6. Black Love says:

    Cedric McMillan trained his legs there. And ALWAYS remember that if a prisoner with NO weights can workout and get swole…you can get some muscle at planet fitness!!! #FactsOnly

  7. Jeff Connors says:

    you *CAN* get ripped from going to PF.   however, it really just depends on your definition of big.   getting ripped doesn’t require a lot of heavy weights.    time under tension is really the key.  its where the saying “no pain, no gain” comes from … if you want that growth, you got to be willing to feel it.   if you’re doing an exercise and you’re not feeling anything after you’re done…. you’re not doing it right. 

    getting big however is more so about diet and nutrition.    you need to eat a lot and have plenty of protein.   getting ripped and getting big are two different things.   you’re (probably) not going to get huge/wide by going to planet fitness… but you can get ripped. 

    just remember…. time under tension.  when you feel the pain, that’s just the muscle fibers tearing.   and when you sleep is where the real growth happens.    eat clean.  work out hard, but don’t annihilate your body.  and rest your body.

  8. Kenneth Blair says:

    A little unfair. If you are serious this is a great place to get in shape. You can not expect the everyday “Joe” to walk in the front door and expect them to pick up a 50 lb db and know what the hell he is doing and when he does something he pulls or rips a muscle because he is totally out of shape. For 10 USD you can go from unhealthy to fit, then you can move on and go to a gym to further your strength training; or body building. For the broke asses like my self who are spending a lot of money on their education and need to exercise and get into better shape it is a damn good deal. You can build a lot of muscle and strength, also get in better shape and health. Do you r damn home work and know what type of exercises will get you there so you can move onto the next plateau such as Elliot’s Gym. 6 months I dropped a lot of weight, could not do one push up nor 10 sit ups, I could not walk a freaking miles now I can jog a mile and then kick in 3 more walking and jogging in between. Blood pressure is normal now, bad cholesterol is great, and I am hoping to move on to strength training but I got into damn good (better) shape and for 10 USD. I say do what you can do, get into some kind of shape other than a potato that cant make it through the Walmart parking lot and thinking the parking lot or store is to big.

  9. Arman Imani says:

    It really frustrates me all the pf hate…people have gotten in great shape with alot less than what of offers. I live in north carolina and i have never seen anyone kicked out or the lunk alarm set off. Sure i wish it had alot of things like barbells…but ita really ignorant to say you cant get in shape there

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