Pilates, Build Lean Muscle Tone + Burn Fat, 40 Mins

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This Dynamic Pilates 40 Minute Full Body Workout is designed to strengthen, tone and balance the body from head to toe. It is designed with modifications for all levels, and challenges to get the core working hard! By the end of this workout, you will be feeling more flexible, and stronger throughout the whole body. We hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

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29 thoughts on “Pilates, Build Lean Muscle Tone + Burn Fat, 40 Mins

  1. Crystal Hall says:

    One of the best Pilates videos I have seen online. Just the best. Amazing demonstration of the way Pilates are supposed to be done. I plan to start her Pilates program.

  2. Sharon Mariel says:

    I really enjoyed the workout and I feel strong, stretched and relaxed. She was lovely and also helpful with giving tips about form. I’d definitely recommend this video.

  3. Elmaz Abinader says:

    i’m a pilates teacher and i love this workout. Katie’s cueing is excellent, the overall workout, very through and good stretches. I teach 8 classes a week and still do this one at home and when I’m traveling. Thanks Katie

  4. Pushkal Pandey says:

    I felt the burn on doing this pilates sequence. It’s flow is nice and never experienced that I am doing some workout though in reality Katie is making my body to work. Great effect and one of the best workouts on YouTube. Thank you Katie

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