8 BEST Exercises For a WIDER BACK!

These are the 8 best exercises to build a WIDER BACK. You'll learn how to build big lats and how to get a bigger, thicker, v taper back just by using barbells, dumbbells, and a couple key machines. If you're a man trying to add mass to your back and you have access to a gym, try this back workout.

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#1 Long Angle Dumbbell Row 1:19
#2 Close & Wide Grip Pullups 2:25
#3 Standing Cable Pullover 3:35
#4 Reverse Grip Rows 4:13
#5 The Deadlift 4:55
#6 Dumbbell & Barbell Pullovers 6:06
#7 Lat Pulldown 7:44
#8 Seated Cable Low Row 8:39

If you want to have that v-taper look where your upper body is proportionally bigger than your waist then developing a wider back is a must. Today I want to go over 8 of the best exercises that are going to help you develop a wider back faster, and I'm also going to go over certain training techniques that you should incorporate, to make your back bigger in terms of both width and thickness. At the end I'll also show you how many sets and reps you'll need to do to incorporate these exercises into a workout. As we go through these keep in mind that to effectively build a bigger back you'll want to do 3 things for all of these exercises. First you need to concentrate on actually targeting your back instead of your biceps, triceps, or forearms. It will take some time develop the neuromuscular connection between your brain and your back, but for all of these exercises you're going to want to try to pull the weight with your elbows not your hands, and really squeeze your back with each rep as if you're trying to hold a pencil in between your shoulder blades. Second you'll need to progressively overload all of these exercises over time. The best way to do that is by trying to always incrementally increase the weight load you're using for all your back exercises as you get stronger. And the third thing you'll want to do is come to full extension and get a really good stretch at the negative portion of all your pulling movements. Now, let's start with the first exercise, the long angle dumbbell row. This is a variation of a regular dumbbell row and even though it's extremely effective, it's a shame that most people don't even know this exercise exists. To perform this exercise start by leaning against something lower than waist level. You want to bend down until your back is almost parallel with the ground. Grab a dumbbell with your other hand in a neutral position and let it hang straight down. Pull your shoulder blades back and stick your chest out to maintain a neutral spine. Now instead of pulling the dumbbell in towards your belly button like you would a regular row, I want you to aim to pull the dumbbell back towards your hips, like you're trying to put the dumbbell in your pocket, and then bring it back down to the hanging position and repeat for reps. This is going to take your biceps almost completely out of the movement and put all the tension on your back, your lats, and the back of your shoulder. Keep in mind you'll need to use a lighter weight then you would with regular dumbbell rows. I know that you might have never seen this exercise before, but trust me try it, you'll be feeling parts of your back working that you never knew existed. Next up are close grip and wide grip pullups. Both grips will provide unique benefits for your back. A wide grip will recruit much more of your lower lats and it'll take a lot of your bicep strength out of the movement. To start you'll want to grab a pullup bar with your hands facing away from you, and your grip set fairly wider than your shoulders so that you're body resembles a "Y" shape. Next, hang straight down so that your arms are fully extended. While keeping your chest out and your shoulders pulled back pull yourself up concentrating on pulling up with your elbows until your chin clears the bar. Try to think about keeping your elbows behind you the whole way up, and squeeze at the top before lowering yourself back down to a fully extended position and repeating for reps. With close grip pull ups everything remains the same except you'll want to grab the bar with your hands set shoulder width apart or even a little closer together. Because you're taking a closer grip you'll be able to incorporate more of your biceps and a little bit of your pecs into the exercise allowing you to do more reps or more weight. It'll also help you hit your inner lats. Remember to strap weight to your body once you start getting stronger, and if pullups are too difficult for you right now then you can use resistance bands to assist you on your way up. Moving on we have the standing cable pullover. Here you'll want to set your cable cross machine at its highest point and grab a straight bar with a grip about 6 inches wider than shoulder width. Keep your arms straight and a maintain a slight bend at your elbows. Bend forward to give yourself a lo

44 thoughts on “8 BEST Exercises For a WIDER BACK!

    • fuckoffyoucunt says:

      @Jessen’s Channel you should be able to do pull ups within 2 weeks, really easy, once you work at it. The way i got it, was to just hang on for as long as possible, did that everyday for a week and did negative reps as well, just jump up and control yourself down, after a week of that, the first pull up should be possible once you do that, try it

    • Keegan Steeves says:

      @Holo yeah I don’t think I’ll ever be incorporating deadlifts into my routine ever again… Even if my back is okay during the excercise , a day or 2 later my lower back will be aching for no reason and ever since I cut deadlifts out of my routine things have been 100x better when it comes to how my back feels.

  1. The Butcher says:

    1. Long angled dumbbell row
    2. Close grip and wide grip pull-ups
    3. Standing cable pullover
    4. Reverse grip rows
    5. Deadlift
    6. Dumbbell and barbell pullover
    7. Lat pull down
    8. Seated cable low row

  2. Ricky Ck-ck says:

    2:38 completely wrong. A wider grip promotes more shoulder adduction which emphasises a little more towards the teres major. The narrower grip uses more shoulder extension which is one of the primary roles of the lats. So if you want more lat; hit a neutral or hammer or chin up style pull up.
    I am a PT str & Co coach by the way.

    • 0 subscribers without any subscribers says:

      @WRESTLING TV You must use a mirror or have someone watching while doing the wide pullups to see if you are doing them uneven. You might have to work on your posture often if you are right handed you will have a lower and more foward rounded shoulder on that side so look in the mirror while standing relaxed to look for asymmetry in your body. Or pehaps you’re left stronger and your right is just much weaker and has to compensate by doing something bad in you’re shoulder. They are both good but the best you can do is whichever feels most comfortable this includes grip like underhand overhand or neutral.

    • SFAAPK7 says:

      That’s so true. I’ve been doing wide grip movements recently and that’s when my teres major started growing. And I didn’t even realise that it was its own muscle. I just thought it was the upper lats. You’re right narrower grip movements help with the lats more. That being said, teres major still helped getting me more of that v shape anyway.

    • KING0SISQO says:

      Not a pt but I second this. I do not get benefits going wider than neutral. I think maybe if you have long arms then wide grip is fine but that’s normal for them.
      Hammer grip pulls is king. Underhand then neutral grip. But if you can do underhand diverging then that’s better than underhand

    • Lucifer Morningstar says:

      @Bats Okej 🙂 I dont hate season 4, but it was not my favorite, there is some good moments tho.
      I like Lucifer in the sense that it is a good show, the show could however have more Supernatural elemnts in it, like supernatural creatures, or that they could give Demons/angels more Supernatural powers, they are just Super humans with strength if you think about it 🙂

    • Bats says:

      @Lucifer Morningstar I would like if they showed more supernatural elements too. I wish they would actually also explain what hell was. In season 2 we learned everyone had their own personal hell, but there’s still demons torturing people. I wish they would clarify on that.

    • Lucifer Morningstar says:

      @Bats Exactly, also I dont remember what season, but when souls enters hell they replay everything they did, do they forget too? If so its not punishment because they forget, and they can also walk out of hell anytime according to Lucifer him self.

    • Bats says:

      @Lucifer Morningstar season 2. I was just thinking a few days ago “wait if they have their own hell, and they relive everything, how do the demons torture them?”, I think with the way season 4 ended they could answer that.

  3. Brian Swezey says:

    My back is bigger ,I love back workouts. My favorite inner back workout is taking one end of the bar and sticking it in a corner and putting weights on the other end (sorry dont know the term for this bent over row setup) I use just my hands and I’ll do light sets to where i can do 120 reps and then double the weight and i do lots of sets and reps….total reps around 200 ,that’s a light week then I’ll do heavy, less reps the next . And every 3rd week I do a couple of weeks of lats ,pulldowns. Plus every Saturday I do dead lifts . A lot of people have lats but no inner back thickness. That excercise where his upper back is on the bench I never got a thing out of those .

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