Eat This After Workouts To Build Muscle

The best 2 things to eat to build muscle after workouts are a combination of these 2 nutrients. Muscle Building Athlete Training Template: Quick Digesting Carbohydrates (30-60 grams) Fast Digesting Protein (20 grams) Getting these 2 nutrients quickly after your work out helps build lean muscle and prevent muscle breakdown. Replenishing these nutrients helps kick start recovery and helps you build muscle faster after your workout. Get Your FREE Explosive Athlete Training Template ➤ = Perform To Your Potential And Follow Us = Facebook ➤ Instagram ➤ Twitter ➤ Snapchat ➤ AthleticPreparation

7 thoughts on “Eat This After Workouts To Build Muscle

  1. Twan Miller says:

    I’m not Vegan but what would you say the best type of plant protein be??? Also what’s your take on brown rice or beans post workout?? Cause either way your insulin spikes just from eating. But i know the fiber slows it down somewhat.

    • Athletic Preparation says:

      Twan Miller from plants, possibly pea protein, lentils, quinoa

      Rice is solid for carbs. Beans are ok, have some protein but are incomplete.

      Certain foods will spike it more like I mentioned, look for foods with higher glycemic index

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