If you have just minutes and are looking for a fat burning home workout that will get your heart pumping and have you breaking a sweat in no time, then this is the routine for you. Everyone at all levels of ability can perform this home workout. Beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels can do this and see results without needing any equipment and without having to go to any gym.

The workout is broken down into a follow along format. This means that you can do it along with the video. Rest indicators are included for the different ability levels and previews of the home fat burning exercises coming up are shown so you know what is coming up next and can prepare for it.

There are three major segments to this home fat burning workout. There is a lower body, upper body and core segment that are performed sequentially with only 30 seconds rest in between. The goal is to complete one round of them if you are attempting this at the beginner level, 2 rounds if attempting it at the intermediate fitness level and 3 total rounds if you are doing so at the advanced level.

If you need to rest during the period of any exercise you may be doing, you can, however it is best to try and gut it out and avoid stopping. Simply drop down to the ability level below the one you are doing it at if you are having trouble keeping up. The exercises are arranged in a way that they get easier as you move through the home workout sequence. Because there are no requirements for equipment in this no equipment bodyweight workout you should be able to transition from one to the next rather quickly.

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There is a time stamped link in the pinned comment to help the intermediate and advanced trainees click back to the beginning of the workout so you can quickly repeat the second and third round.

Here are the specific exercises in this home fat burning workout.

Lower Body Segment:

Split Squat Lateral Hops x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Ratchet Squats x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Prisoner Walk Ups x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Sidewinders x 30 seconds all levels

Rest 30 seconds and move onto Upper Body Segment

Upper Body Segment:

Hover Hops x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Step Through Pushups x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Pushup Toe Taps x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Hover Pulses x 30 seconds all levels

Rest 30 seconds and move onto Core Segment

Core Segment:

Twisting Pistons x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Black Widow Knee Slides x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
Lateral Mountain Climbers x 15 sec (Beg), 20 sec (Int), 25 sec (Adv)
V-Sit Pulses x 30 seconds all levels

Remember, your goal is to make it through the entire workout without having to rest at all during any of the exercise periods. This doesn’t mean that you should stop if you do. Just keep trying to get back in there as quickly as you can and, as your stamina improves, you will find that you will be able to do the entire home fat burning workout unbroken.

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This home workout takes about 15 minutes you perform it at the intermediate level, 8 minutes if done at the beginner level and 22 minutes or so if you do it at the advanced level.

Keep attempting to move up a level if you are easily completing it at the current one.

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    1. @Muhammad Sameet why are there so many requests for Ramadan videos? I thought Ramadan was a celebration and fasting period. What does it have to do with how you workout?

    2. @Roger Samuel Actually…Intermittent fasting increases HGH …Which is necessary for Height growth!! That’s why I said that…Correct me if I’m wrong!

    3. @Roger Samuel bro, the thing is, in Ramadan, when we fast, we fast from dawn to dusk, and in during that time, we can not eat nor drink anything liquid. Now thing about workout, I’m trying to ask is that what should be a routine for this time period so I don’t get dehydrate. Now this could be the problem of lot of guys. When to workout and when to eat and drink water. I hope I was able to explain some things to you.

    4. @Muhammad Sameet ohhh I got you. Yeah that makes sense. I would guess to do it in the morning when you wake up, shortly after a good glass of water. Obviously you’re waking up super early at this point. I’m assuming you’re only drinking water at this point, so I’d drink some before bed too. Just to ensure hydration. That’s just my first thoughts though.

    5. Thank you so much this was a helpful format and if you could do more follow along vids that would be great thanks for getting me through quarentine

    1. It’s actually an 8 minutes (approx.) workout if you’re doing just one round.
      8×2 = 16 (intermediate).
      8×3 = 24 (advanced).
      The timestamp is at 192 secs (a little over 3 minutes).
      Per exercise (including rest) 30s. 12 exercises.
      12×30 = 360 secs = 6 minutes.
      Rest between sets = 30s.
      Total rest for beginners = 30s + 30s = 1 minute.
      Total workout+rest time for beginners = 7 minutes (+1 minute because you’ll be fucked anyway)
      Total rest for intermediates = 30 secs x5 = 150 secs = 2.5 minutes.
      Total workout+rest time for intermediates = (7 mins x2) + 2.5 minutes = 14 minutes + 2.5 minutes = 16.5 minutes (a little over 15 minutes).
      Total rest for advanced = 30 secs x7 = 210 secs = 3.5 minutes.
      Total workout+rest time for advanced = (7 mins x3) + 3.5 minutes = 21 minutes + 3.5 minutes = 24.5 minutes (a little over 23 minutes).

      Hence proved, 8 minutes, or 15 minutes, or 23 minutes.

  1. Me to my friends: I’m an advanced trainer I workout daily without sweating

    Me following athlean-x videos: please I’m a beginner *begs for mercy*

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