28 thoughts on “Gymnastic Ring MUSCLE Building Guide

  1. eugene teo says:

    Really? You want Timestamps for a 5 minute video? Sure, why not.

    0:59 – Gymnastic Rings vs Suspension Trainers
    1:35 – Benefit #1 to Gymnastic Rings
    2:26 – Benefit #2 to Gymnastic Rings
    2:55 – The Most Overlooked Aspect of Gymnastic Ring Training – IMPORTANT!
    4:05 – My Training Recommendations for Gymnastic Ring Training

  2. Lael Clever says:

    I started using gymnastic rings again since this whole quarantine thing began. And I gotta say, that I think I already fell in love with them. Thanks for the video uncle Eugene

  3. Utubeskreename says:

    Started working out with rings a couple months ago, and could never figure out why certain parts of my upper back and shoulders took longer to recover. Now I know.

  4. FrankDrebinist says:

    Thanks for the video! I haven’t used my rings forever since i “progressed” from calisthenics to heavier gym training and now feel motivated to dig them out.
    One question though: how would you program the ring training into standard weight training? Do you give the rings their own day e.g. as part of Push Pull Leg routine followed by an Ring upper body day?

  5. Luke Smith says:

    Hey Eugene, ordered a pair of rings couple of days ago! Would really love a video covering some of your favourite exercises using the rings! Love from Ireland

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