Bruce Lee Ab Workout for a 6 Pack (DRAGON ABS!)

So you want to do a Bruce Lee ab workout for a 6 pack and you wonder what it would look and feel like, then you’ve come to the right place. Now, you will get a chance to experience the same ab workout performed by the legendary martial artist to sculpt his ripped six pack abs while getting the strong midsection he was known for. This is called the Dragon Abs workout and it consists of just 6 moves that anyone can do without needing any equipment.

This home ab workout for a 6 pack is quick and simple but definitely not easy. The goal is for you to perform it consistently for the next 22 days. That said, we can never talk about getting abs without at least addressing the all important nutrition aspect of the equation and it is here that Bruce Lee’s diet had some key points that you will want to try and copy.

So before we get into the specific ab exercises in the bruce lee ab workout you have to mention the three things that he did with his nutrition that will help you to get your abs showing in just the next 22 days. The first is to try and abstain or at least cut down your alcohol consumption. People often consume too many empty liquid calories that put on body fat and conceal their abs.

Next, it will help to limit your consumption or all together avoid eating sugars and fried foods for the next 3 weeks. Even just a short period of time is enough to help establish a habit that you can take with you well beyond this period to get locked in and show off that ripped 6 pack once and for all.

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Lastly, don’t avoid carbs in your diet for a 6 pack. They are too hard to keep out forever and your long term success will depend on learning how to live with them not eliminate them entirely.

For the specific Bruce Lee Ab Workout, the exercise sequence looks like this:

Standing Elbow Twists – 25 reps each side or until exhaustion
Frog Kicks – 25 reps or until exhaustion
Single Leg Raises – 25 reps each side or until exhaustion
Seated Elbow to Knee Tucks – 25 reps each side or until exhaustion
Sit-Ups – 25 reps or until exhaustion
Dragon Flags or Modified Dragon Flags – 1 minute rest pause fashion.

The key to getting a six pack like Bruce Lee is going to be by increasing your core strength and by regularly performing the same ab routine that he did. Now that you have a game plan for what ab exercises you need to perform to hit your upper, lower abs and obliques you just have to find a way to get consistent.

In order to get 6 pack abs you have to know how to sequence your abs workouts as well. Bruce Lee knew how to do this well. He stacked the most difficult ab exercises towards the front of the workout and saved the easier ab exercises for when he was more fatigued. You can do the same thing, which will help you to start carving our your six pack fast.

The 22 day period is critical for developing a habit. Many times, we stop right at the point when we are closest to ingraining a new pattern of behavior. If you stick with this ab workout for just 3 weeks you will likely be shocked at how much more regular a part of your exercise routine this will become.

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It’s time to get six pack abs like Bruce Lee and the dragon abs workout is one that will help you get there. Be sure to let me know how you like this complete ab workout that you can do at home and remember to leave a comment to keep me updated on your progress as you make your way through the next 22 days.

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    00:36 – Nutrition
    01:35 – OTE method overview
    01:44 – Standing elbow twist
    02:23 – Frog kicks
    02:57 – Single Leg Raises
    03:37 – Seated Elbow to Knee Tucks
    04:11 – Sit-Ups
    04:43 – Dragon Flags

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    I saw some Bruce Lee quotes so let me give another: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”

    This shows that you should focus on one goal and perfect it, not just try to do everything a little bit.

    On second, though Bruce Lee probably did 10,000 kicks 10,000 times lol.

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