Eat This to Gain Muscle (NATURALLY!)

How you eat will definitely have an effect on how you gain muscle naturally. That said, it’s not just about consuming enough calories to support new muscle growth. The types of food you eat and the nutrient density of these foods can go a long way to provide additional benefits to the process of muscle growth and protein synthesis.

As a natural lifter, one of the most valuable things you can do is support muscle recovery. This can come from prioritizing good sleep, limiting stress and also through smart nutrition choices. In this video, I cover how the consumption of canned pumpkin can help prevent or slow down protein degradation and preserve muscle protein to assist in overall muscle growth.

I have covered the value of canned pumpkin in previous videos including my Jeff Cavaliere Full Day of Eating video. There I showed you how I mix pumpkin in with my oatmeal every morning.

That is not the only way to consume pumpkin however.

It is just as easy to mix it in with yogurt, in a protein shake, as a pasta sauce, or even in a protein pancake or waffle recipe.

It is pretty much flavorless and can be easily incorporated into many food choices without even noticing.

The benefits of pumpkin are many.

It is a source rich in Antioxidant Vitamin A, has high amounts of zinc and potassium to support optimal muscle function and can even help regulate the bowels whether they are overactive or underactive.

When you are training naturally, you have to consider any way that you can assist your muscle recovery. In a recent study, it was shown that the inclusion of pumpkin to the diet on a daily basis had the ability to decrease a process called protein carbonylation by up to 60 percent versus controls. This is significant. Protein carbonylation activates enzymatic cascades that ultimately result in the degradation of proteins.

This can put you in a state of net protein catabolism at worst or at minimum in a state of lower protein anabolism. Both of these would be undesirable if you were trying to gain muscle as much as possible. In order to build muscle mass you have to stimulate your muscles to grow through your smart workouts but not forget to support their growth in the remainder of what you do.

Muscle protein synthesis is best stimulated through either high intensity low volume workouts or low intensity high volume workouts. It is especially important when training at a higher intensity to make sure you’re not overlooking the elements of your training and nutrition plan that help you to recover faster.

When it comes to what you eat however, never underestimate how important it is to keep high quality nutrition. Jesse himself was famous for having a poor diet and not taking in enough calories let alone good calories. When you do increase the quality of the food you eat, you will often find that you need to increase the amount as well. This is because as foods become more nutritious, like canned pumpkin, their caloric density is lower. In order to support the new muscle mass gains you seek and the ability to build muscle you have to eat more to keep the energy levels high enough to do this.

There is also one big mistake you do want to be aware of however when it comes to eating pumpkin. All canned pumpkin is not the same. Pumpkin pie mix is loaded with sugar and is not recommended. When looking for the right version of pumpkin to eat be sure to read the label. I know this can be challenging for some, particularly those that like to read the title of a video and not actually watch what the video is about (you know who you are!) but it’s as simple as that.

Don’t be fooled by the picture on the can. They are both likely to show you a picture of a delicious pumpkin pie on it. Read and be sure that the only ingredient in the can is 100 percent canned pumpkin. Eating it every day in some way or form is going to help as one of those small but cumulative ingredients you can start incorporating that can lead to more muscle growth and an easier time to gain muscle over time.

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    • Михаил Ройзин says:

      Jeff, what is the best way of training:
      1). Gradually increase the weight in each new approach?
      2). scheme with working weight (I saw this scheme with you some time ago):
      25% (of working weight) * 20 (reps)
      25% * 10
      80% * 5-8
      120% * 3-5
      100% * 8-12
      100% * max
      100% * max

    • Kavitha Samayal says:

      Bro give me a suggestion for shoulder blade pain plz plz ….and I’m ur big big fan my son suggest me ur channel was suffering with sciatica for more than 15 years after ur video I got released in just 1 stretch now its almost 1 year I’m happy since I’m a youtuber n bc of editing videos recent days suffering with severe right shoulder blade pain prolonged till my elbow plz guide me

    • John Sardina says:

      Try adding the 0 sat fat almond milk whipped cream to the gross canned pumpkin for a horrific desert.

    • MultiWatcher1000 says:

      I wanted to ask you…if there is no place to buy canned pumpkin, would fresh homegrown pumpkin still be better than no pumpkin at all ?
      Thank you

  2. BOSSMAN says:

    Jeff made this video after signing a million dollar endorsement deal with the pumpkin industry

  3. Unlqsting says:

    People usually grow older and weaker.

    Jeff grows older, and stronger.

    Edit: I saw the comments about jeff not being natural, and I truly don’t care. Jeff’s advice is legit and it works for me and countless others.

  4. BigPapaMitchell says:

    My parents used to feed me canned pumpkin as a child and as a result I fucking still love it raw.

  5. Lifetime_Chronic_Insomniac says:

    To maximise gainzzz, just have a cinnamon flavoured carrot and pumpkin cake with whipped cream and ginger on top.

  6. Skywalker Sound says:

    Jeff squeezes his canned pumpkin out of the can like Popeye and then rips off like 200 face pulls

  7. 4k Subscribers with no videos Challenge says:

    When i ordered one of Jeff’s shirts i recieved nothing inside the box

  8. Michael da Costa says:

    We’re at the tail end of Summer… Autumn is coming soon… Jeff’s promoting pumpkin for muscle building… I suspect Big Pumpkin has had a hand in this

  9. Annas Ayaz says:

    Legend says that people are still waiting for Jeff to complete his RESISTANCE BANDS videos.

    • Annas Ayaz says:

      @vinay raju I’m 15. My family can’t afford it. I only have resistance bands at home. I specially bought them when he put out his first band’s video.

    • Ryan Brue says:

      A,A. Try some single leg “reverse lunge”. Look up the palloff press. A set or 2 facepulls in the evening is great. Watch Jeff’s regular vids and improvise.

    • The world is immense says:

      @vinay raju nobody here who does “home workouts”, Will get the gains that you would be making in the gym. Sure you will build some muscle and you can weight on your body to lift more and all that but nothing will beat the gym. Many “calisthenics” channels that has a great physique, they usually do both gym and calisthenics, that’s why when noobs look at them channels , they be thinking “Ima get this big by doing many push ups ect”

  10. Diana Buß says:

    Shout out to all the people who can’t find canned pumpkin in their countries! Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Jacob Paktiawal says:

      I’m from Europe and I only found one website that does ship it to my address but it’s obviously heavily overpriced. So it’s not worth it at all.. I would rather invest in something else. There is loads of easy accessible nutritious food out there

    • Avant-garde Dorée says:

      @Christophe S Geschäftsidee right there. Ask a few omis to help you and boom, we start buying

  11. CR Mannino says:

    Hey, my dogs have organic canned pumpkin everyday in their “homemade” meals. So I’ve been enjoying too! It’s a lower glycemic index than its root vegetable cousin, sweet potato!!

    • Alicia Gonzales says:

      Oh if wondering why I say thank you in a way I am speaking for your buddy I have similar relation with my buddy sweet potatoe as base with leg of lamb(in portions obviously)
      w/extra virgin olive oil COLD pressed & extra virgin coconut oil COLD pressed

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