Never Miss a Workout Again (WATCH THIS!) #shorts

The next time you don’t feel like working out, watch this short video. There’s a popular saying that goes “It’s the start that stops most people”. Stop thinking about the exercises in the workout you’re having a hard time wanting to do and instead think about just standing up or grabbing the car keys and getting yourself to the gym.

Often times, as soon as you put your body in motion you gain momentum that keeps you in motion. An object in motion stays in motion. Stop thinking about how comfortable the couch is right now and think instead about how uncomfortable you’ll be if you let another day go by without doing something to change what it is that you don’t like about yourself at the moment.

Simply stand up and take one action.

Start moving.

Get to the gym and you’ll be amazed at what type of habit you’ll start. You may look back a year from now, an entirely different person with an extreme dedication to a healthier lifestyle and in the best shape of your life simply because of the one decision you made today. And that decision was just to get up. Stand up and take action.


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30 thoughts on “Never Miss a Workout Again (WATCH THIS!) #shorts

    • Luka Roca says:

      Its all in that one crucial second where you need to stand up and without thinking pack your bag and go to gym, if one starts to overthink and starts to think how today he feels umotivated

  1. Alex Alex says:

    I have a rule that if I don’t feel like working out, I am still going and having an easy workout – fewer exercises, lighter weights or just cardio. Still better than nothing

    • Kirk Lazarus says:

      I’ve actually found that on the days I don’t feel like working out but do it anyway, turn out to be days that I make the most progress. I’m not sure why though.

    • AimHere says:

      I get the best work out when I force my self out of bed. You know, on those days where your brain is like, “bro lets just chill today, lets sleep a little longer. You can always go to the gym tomorrow”.
      Those are the day you HAVE to go, you wont regret it.

    • Wissam Allaz says:

      @Kirk Lazarus because that is when you are fighting , and the progress you are making is not in ur body but in the mind, so if you did ur best on your worst day imagine what you would do on normal or better days . That applies to everything my friend not only working out.

    • mko says:

      @Wissam Allaz You are right, I like to think of it “training my performance on bad days” and it really transfers to all things.

      Also on other comments, Jocko Willinks advice to training when you don’t really feel like it is pretty solid: If you don’t feel like it today, go train and if you tomorrow again feel sore or unable then take a day off, but never listen to your mind on that day when it wants to slack.

  2. ATHLEAN-X™ says:

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  3. Neldoreth Udomiel says:

    Based in science but not presented that way, I like it! Just take one step at a time, and that starts with the first step! To be honest, I just finished a workout and now I want to go to bed but I have to work at the office 😀

  4. Dilletant11B says:

    I don’t feel like working out, I just do a 10-ish minute warm up. That usually gets me to the workout. If not, I know I probably need a break.

  5. hmmm jamz says:

    You saved my life bro. I was so depressed and suicidal at one point. And i started working it out with the help of your vids. Never felt better. Much love to you my friend

  6. Pkmn Trainer Ani says:

    As Big Man Tyrone once said

    “Inertia does not produce results! Action does!”

    Can I get an Amen?

  7. Massif Gaming says:

    Just got into working out again for the past 5 weeks. I actually look forward to the hard work. Don’t know how I forgot how much I love the challenge and pain struggles that come with it. I’m at the point where I have to stop myself to do life stuff because I’m so into the working out now. Just get up and do it

  8. cervenypes123 says:

    Man, you know its rough when we need youtube fitness legends to tell us the basic steps for leaving the house

  9. Isaac Waites says:

    Humidity is terrible in South Africa at the moment.

    Training at odd hours to keep up from slipping up entirely.

    Great content as always. ☺️

  10. dasta7658 says:

    I went to workout but I saw this was posted so I watched it instead and missed my opportunity window to workout for today. In fact I keep missing my workouts because all of the YT content creators keep uploading and I don’t want to miss out on their tips in case I ruin my gains by doing something wrong 🙁

    I hope Jeff doesn’t post another video tomorrow or that will be another day of not working out … wait a minute, Jeff, I think watching your videos might be ruining my gains!

  11. naasiek nordien says:

    This is so powerful! Thanx Jeff for keeping many of us on this path of reaching our fitness goals.

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